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Do Not Disturb keeps turning on

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Do Not Disturb keeps turning on

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I tried to set up a scheduled Do Not Disturb period, but it didn't work, so I turned the feature off. Now, at some point every day, Do Not Disturb turns itself on.


I'm missing calls daily. Is there any way to stop this?

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Re: Do Not Disturb keeps turning on

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Same problem here. On the first support call, the rep tried to "disable the DND feature", saying my turning it on or off via the website would do nothing. However, the problem continued and the website worked as usual, so the call appeared to do nothing. On the second call, the rep "never heard of this problem" but his colleague had us check on the repeating event/calendar feature. Of course, repeating events should do nothing when DND is turned off. Current theory is, a repeating DND schedule set up in the past is somehow still turning the feature on every night but never off. This not-turning-off is why I stopped trying to use the feature in the first place - it never worked as expected for me.


Missing calls because of a technical screwup or software / database bug is unacceptable.


We created a ticket and forwarded the problem to the FVAM group (FIOS Voice Account Manager - basically, the web application) and they are supposed to look into it and call me back. There's a chance the call will go to voicemail because of the problem.

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Re: Do Not Disturb keeps turning on

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I am having this same problem...going on 4 months.


I have called Verizon and they say something different each of the three times I have called.


And have been promised follow-up but nothing.


It happened again...and it was turned on while I was away.  I haven't accessed my account online until now.


I am so frusterated...


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