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FIOS Call drops

Copper Contributor vfrankowski
Copper Contributor
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We got FIOS installed a few weeks ago, triple play.  My wife has had numerous issues where the call will drop and the person she is speaking with will hear what appears to be a fax-like computer tone just before it disconnects on their end.  Called Tech Support.  He suggested it could be the wireless phone system that we have.  We have a 5.8 GHz Radio Shack / Uniden main base phone with extra extensions and the Verizon Wireless FIOS Router.

Any suggestions??



Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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When they installed your system they placed a unit called the Ont.  If you look at it there is a place called customer access.  There you will find a telephone jack for your dialtone.  If you plug  a phone in that jack it disconnects your inside wiring in the house.  This is a test point so you can determine if the trouble is with your phones or with our control unit. 


  As for the fax sound, do you have your lines wired to any electronic devices?  Answering machines, computers, fax machines, cordless phones.  I would eliminate those first.


If your problem still persist directly from the Ont, it's possible it may need to be replaced.  Your next step after eliminating your wiring and phones is to call the FSC.  The telephone number should be on the invoice the installer left with you.

Contributor sitecap
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Did you ever find a solution to the call drops?  I too am having drops with the same sound occuring.  Called Verizon and rec'd strange advice - to unplug all cordless phone chargers (not the base with the phone line - but the independent cordless phone chargers plugged into the wall electrical outlets).  Then plug them back in one at a time.  As crazy as this sounds I did it but it didn't work - I'm still getting dropped phone calls.


I've had no drop outs in the internet or fios tv - only the phone line.


What is the solution?

Copper Contributor vfrankowski
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-17-2008
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Is you call waiting/caller ID working?  We realized that after our install, the caller ID worked but not the call waiting caller ID.  They had to replace a card at the local office to make the call waiting caller ID work and it seems that since they did that, the call drops ceased.  You will have to test the call waiting caller ID with your cell phone.  If it is not working, then that is probably the problem.  There seemed to be some connection between all the services linked to that problem.  You just registered??  I assume you are new to FIOS.  We got it in December and LOVE it.  Will never go back to Comcast.
Copper Contributor vfrankowski
Copper Contributor
Posts: 14
Registered: ‎12-17-2008
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I have an update on this.  I called my wife at home and the call dropped and I got the fax tone again.  We have an all in one printer with a fax as well but it is set up not to answer.  After the call dropped, I tried calling back immediately.  The line was tied up so it kept going to voicemail which leads me to believe that it was something in the house.  After some thought, I realized that it must be our alarm system picking up.  Our system has the ability for the alarm co. to dial in to make changes to the system.  I remembered at one time they dialed in.  What I did to try to circumvent the problem is set the ring count before it goes to voicemail to 5 rings.  That is enough time for us to get to the phone.  This seems to have corrected the problem.  My suggestion to anyone having this problem is if they realize that they have an alarm system, that could be the culprit.  Haven't had any problems since.
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