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FIOS SERVICE in general

FIOS SERVICE in general

Contributor Godspocket
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I have had continuous problems with my FIOS system since its installation.  I have more trouble with the fact that when you call you have to wait 30 minutes for a call back, so they say, only to get called back and put on hold AGAIN  on the call back!!   I don't understand.  I am on my third router, the second big box installation and have had numerous phone failures only to be told to have my house checked by an electrician.  I did this and I was then advised by the Master Electrician after paying him $120 that my wires were fine and it was not my problem.  The problem with the phone line was remedied some where along the line, maybe enough other people complained and got it fixed and were not as foolish as I to accept that it was "maybe" the fault of my wires. 


Most recently my second router died.  I called service and they said they would ship me one.  That was fine, but they sent a technician out with it when I told them I would not be home.  I found this bothersome, I specifically told them I was not going to be home and I would even have the package picked up by a neighbor as it would have to sit on my porch for a day or two.  What were they thinking?  Or were they thinking?   Now I have a stranger skulking around my home calling me inside even though I am not there? Strange to say the least.  They left the new router, with no instructions as to what it was no mailing or shipping label, just a brown cardboard box wedged in between my doors.  My neighbor never saw UPS so they never picked up the box.  I found it there when I came home. 


I now have a burned carpet from the bad AC adapter on my router that melted down on a power surge strip, an electricians bill and just got a router that didn't work without me calling service.   Hmmmmm something is wrong with this picture.  I feel like I have been a test site for something that was not yet ready for market and got all the bad parts delivered here.  The service people are always pleasant to speak with I must say, but then again why shouldn't they be, that is what they get paid to do. 


I just needed to vent and see if anyone from FIOS will really listen to this.  I am tired of these problems and if I am the only one having them why is the wait so long on the service lines? hmmmmm something to think about.



Silver Contributor V Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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This is just a forum. There is a moderator who I believe works for Verizon but most of the people on here are just like you. The power supply on the router shouldn't melt. Did your house get a surge during a storm? The number for Fios support is 888-553-1555.
Copper Contributor K-Moe
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Check out the Public Service Commission's website.   Seems that Verizon is jamming folks across the board and they are interested in knowing if they did it to you.
Contributor eek
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Hi K-Moe


What is the Public Service Commission website/


Would that be a place I might  bit  express my displeasure that I always get emails to Verizon/Fios bounced back?

IOW, is that an example of jamming? 




Copper Contributor K-Moe
Copper Contributor
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If you go to  http://www.psc.state.md.us/psc/AboutUs/background.htm  it will explain more.   Basically they regulate the utilities we need and use every day.  There is one for each state.  I found a site in Florida that told of them stepping in on Verizon because their service being so awful.  If enough people complain here maybe they'll step up in Maryland as well.  Verizon's already on their radar.  Go speak your mind.



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