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FIOS voice or FIOS digital voice

FIOS voice or FIOS digital voice

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Nickel Contributor
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I am a new customer and trying to figure out whether I have FIOS voice or FIOS digital voice.  As I recall, the installer said I had FIOS digital voice.  I had FOIS triple play installed.  To install the new phone service, the installer simply disconnected the phone from the POTS box outside and ran it over to the ONT and reconnected.  The phones seem to work as before.  The FIOS guide says that caller ID on the TV is available, but it doesn't work.  The guide also says that FIOS digital voice is not available.  As I recall from searching the internet, FIOS digital voice was a very expensive and unique service that called for the installation of new phone jacks.  However, the advertisements for triple play indicate that FIOS digital voice is part of the package at a much cheaper price.


One reason, I don't know much about what I have ordered is that I mistakenly succumbed to a door to door salesman and can't interpret what little paperwork he provided.  I also have no idea what the monthly price will be.  He gave me an overall price for the package verbally but it cannot be confirmed by anyone at Verizon.  In any case, hopefully, I will be able to view the bill online soon and maybe know that.  My online account has info on the FIOS package but nothing to indicate which phone service I have.


By the way, it is a myth that Comcast service is worst that Verizon.  Each company has may customers and much equipment; so problems are inevitable.  However, the ability of one company's CSRs to solve your problems is no better from one company to the next.  This is what makes forums such a this so valuable.



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Here's the main difference to identify Digital Voice with traditional FiOS service. Do you have 7-digit dialing or 10-digit dialing for local calls? If 10 digits, you are on Digital Voice without a doubt. Check your account on the MyVerizon website as well to see what you have. Besides that, the Digital Voice service is indestinguishable. It uses the same wiring, the same equipment (on your end, on Verizon's end it goes through VoIP gear rather than the PSTN), and sounds the same. It just does not support certain types of modems, such as dial-up modems and some fax modems. FiOS Digital Voice is also meant to be cheaper as it's meant to bypass the taxes that are associated with PSTN service.


If CallerID on the streen is not working, give Verizon a call. This is a problem that is known around here and just involves how the FiOS router passes data about CallerID off to the Set Top Boxes. Verizon may have to issue new commands to the router to make it work to perform these actions, or they may have to ensure your account is provisioned for this to occur. There isn't a lot we can do as a community besides suggesting to give the router and set top boxes a reboot, and checking the port forwarding in the router, or trying In-Home Agent (if it doesn't screw up and cause problems) to see if that has a tool to solve the problem.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Thanks for the help.  I can dial locally using 7 digits, so I guess that solves that.  The web site just says I have Freedom Essentials.  I did get a letter that says I now have call-forwarding and three-way calling, but I could care less.  The main reason I made the switch was to lower the phone bill.  Hopefully, I will soon see if that actually happened.  Other than the tax situation, is there any advantage to FIOS digital voice?  I am reluctant to change much since I fear that calamity is inevitable.

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Nickel Contributor
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We have a similar problem. Right now we have the Verizon FIOS Triple Play with Verizon Freedom Essentials. On the upgrade page it says we can upgrade to FIOS Digital Voice, but when I called to ask about the difference I was told that we don't have Digital Voice in my area. Our contract is up in June so we have some time to decide. I just wish we could get a straight answer.
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