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Fast busy, esp when accessing Voice Mail on FiOS Digital Voice

Fast busy, esp when accessing Voice Mail on FiOS Digital Voice

Contributor azylstra
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When we have new messages and call into voice mail and enter passcode, the voicemail guy starts talking and all of the sudden we get the dreaded fast busy.  So then we have to hang up and try again, then get the old "I'm sorry, that account is in use".  So then we have to wait about ten minutes and try again, and this is getting very frustrating.  I called in a trouble ticket for it and nobody seems to have a clue.  In fact, while I was on the phone with tech support I got the fast busy about ten minutes into the call and didn't receive a call back, so I had to call it in all over again!  We just got FiOS back in May.  Before that we had T-Mobile @Home for our home phone, and it was rock solid and trouble-free!  So I expected a fiber optic Verizon home phone to be at least as reliable as a Linksys router with a T-Mobile SIM card in it - but boy was I wrong!  And now that TMO has stopped selling @Home I can't switch back.  Also, the Verizon voicemail is very frustrating to begin with.  The TMO voicemail system lets you listen to your message, then press 7 to delete it after you've heard it.  The VZ voicemail forces you to press 3 to delete the message while it's still playing. Otherwise, after all your messages are done playing, you have to go back and play them over again, deleting them while they are still playing.  I just cannot figure out whey they would design a voicemail system so cumbersome and frustrating.  Not to mention, TMO gave you the option of bypassing the password security when accessing from your home phone.  VZ makes you put the password in every time.  Help!  I'm sure there is someone on these boards that is way smarter than anyone I can get on the phone.  Thanks!

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Dear Azylstra,


Has your voicemail issue been fixed?  Are you still getting the fast busy and getting disconnected?  Please allow us to assist you.  Thanks for your patience

Verizon Telecom
Fiber Solution Center

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Copper Contributor FloridaMike
Copper Contributor
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We have been getting the exact same thing for almost a year now... since switching to FiOS Digital Voice in May of last year!  Every time I call in to report it they 'escalate' the issue but it never gets resolved.  The problem seems to be in the initial connection.  Most of the time it works fine but, several times a month, after I call to get messages and it starts to play the new message it goes dead and I get the busy signal.  I get the same message when I call back:  “I’m sorry – that account is in use at this time.  Please try again later!”  I have even called in with my cell phone and get the same message!  I HAVE EVEN used the Internet to see if I could get my messages and, when I hit Play, I get a pop-up saying: “Your Voice Mail box is currently in being accessed; please try again later.  If the problem continues, please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-888-553-1555. We apologize for any inconvenience.”  This is obviously a software bug that Verizon has no clue on how to troubleshoot OR fix!!!  I wonder how many people have the problem and just don’t bother reporting it because of the hassle?  When it first started happening they destroyed my entire mailbox and I had to re-enter the complete mailbox setup again – 3 times!!!  NEVER let them talk you into that!!!  It’s their problem and they need to fix it!!!!!!!  I wish I could go back to the ‘normal’ voicemail we originally had… they want hundred$ to switch back because I’d be breaking my #$@%^&* contract!  Good luck if you have Verizon………

Copper Contributor FloridaMike
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-05-2011
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FiOS tech support called and told me that they knew it was a software bug but they didn't know how long it would take to fix it...

Then a guy sent me a text message ON MY VERIZON CELL PHONE stating "Your Verizon repair request is closed.  For additional help go to InHomeAgent or FiOS Help" !!!  I wouldn't load that InHome Agent on a BET!!!

So far this month we have had six occurrences of the fast busy this month.  Four of them came AFTER the message stating the repair request was CLOSED!  FiOS Digital Voice is a JOKE!!!

Copper Contributor FloridaMike
Copper Contributor
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎04-05-2011
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CONGRATULATIONS - it appears to be fixed!!!  We haven't seen a single occurrence since Jun, 2011.  Almost a year to the date after switching to Verizon Digital Voice...


Verizon has the most advanced technology of any competitor out there but their support is basically non-existent.

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