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FiOS Digital Voice price increase coming.

FiOS Digital Voice price increase coming.

Gold Contributor V Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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Found this in my latest bill:



Notice of Price Increase
Effective May 17, 2014, Verizon will apply an FDV Administrative
Charge of $0.99 per FiOS Digital Voice line. This monthly surcharge
helps defray account servicing costs associated with providing voice
services. This is a Verizon surcharge, not a tax or governmental fee.
Visit verizon.com for more information.




Thought others might want to know in case you don't read your bill carefully.


Have Fun.


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Copper Contributor debddigger
Copper Contributor
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So does that mean even if you sign up for a bundle for 2 years at, say, $79.99 that Verizon can still tack on this administrative charge without having violated the agreement?

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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You betcha!  It says so somewhere in the agreement

Copper Contributor stas
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I've been with FiOS for a few years now and with regard to service I'm not at all happy.  Every few months I need to call them and sit on the phone for hours trying to get credit for things they overcharged me for.


Now they increase set-top box rentals, tack on this administrative fee.  The agreement you sign is useless but for the termination fee.

Contributor UncleJoe
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The $0.99 surcharge has federal, state and local taxes and fees applied to it; on my bill the real increase netted to $1.21.  My concern, however, is not with the amount, but with a regulated utility's ability to get around a contract price by labeling an increase as an "administrative charge."  


I called their customer service line to discuss/complain.  When I asked what would prevent Verizon from using this as a vehicle to increase prices by $10 or $15, assuming Time Warner/AT&T/DIrectTV raised their prices as well, he admitted that he was not aware of any restrictions.  Neither am I.


I can't find anything in my contract with Verizon that lets them increase my price by instituting back-end increases.  I'm pursuing with government regulators and encourage you all to do so as well.  If this gets through, there will be more.

Contributor AB2014
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Please let me know how can we escalate to regulatory authority, means who should I write, their address, correct process, right department/authority. I think every month all govt taxes increase & verizon surcharge & fess too. How can that be always & so frequent?

Contributor AngryInSA
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Time to get VoIP!

Contributor Syd
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FDV Administrative Fee... bogus.  People should collectively respond by complaining about it.

@AngryInSA wrote:

Time to get VoIP!


Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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I wonder if its regional or what.  So far no such fee or announcement on my bills.

Contributor DmitriK
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Do not worry - it is coming - I have it on my bill for June

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