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Getting Potential Virus warning when trying to install Verizon CallAssistant!

Getting Potential Virus warning when trying to install Verizon CallAssistant!

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I didn't have a chance to apply this yet. Was going to do that tonight or tomorrow. If you end up doing this let me know how it goes otherwise I will update when I do.



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As I said in my post to Superkitty, Mcafee sends the warning. because in the wrong hands this application can be used for the wrong purpose. I ignored the warning two weeks ago and have had zero problems. It seems that only those of us with Mcafee are getting the warning. I do not take any warning lightly, but I do apply the, "trusted source", test before I download. Verizon in my experience meets that test.
Message Edited by HenryFarpolo on 09-15-2008 03:43 PM
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ok, I just installed it and am now running a virus check. hopefully will be ok. will advise afterwards.
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I installed it and I haven't had any more pop-ups from McAfee.  I think it's fine.  Also, I agree with Henry, and I found several other message boards where people said the same thing about these "kill" programs.
Message Edited by LiquidAg on 09-15-2008 10:03 PM

I got the same warning.  I just ignored it and assumed it was another McAfee shortcoming.

Subsequent scans of my system came up clean.

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well I installed it 3 days ago and so far so good so hopefully no other issues come up. I still think Verizon should address this when someone calls about it. They had no clue about it when I called. They also were suppossed to call me back but never did. Smiley Mad
Yeah, I tried to call them and after being on hold for over 30 minutes and never actually getting to talk to anyone, I gave up.  A lot of these companies are too busy making money to spend time making sure their customers are happy.
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I just downloaded VCA today and I wanted to share the problems so far:

1. I received the email saying it was ready for me about four hours before it was ready for me.

2. Trying to figure out problem one I spent a while with two different Verizon Customer Support agents on online chat neither of whom had heard of VCA

3. The customer-satisfaction survey related to online chat doesnt work - I'm guessing it's a firefox compatibility issue

4. Loading I got the MacAfee error message about PSKILL that others have noted. I told MacAfee to ignote it - looks as though I guessed correctly.

5. Since then about every half hour Macafee Systemguard spontaneously goes disabled. I will have to call Macafee customer support tomorrow when they open for business in Winnipeg or wherever

6. VCA says that my voicemail passcode is wrong (it's not) - called VCA customer support - there is a known incompatibility between VCA and Home Vmail that they are working on with no ETA. They will call me when it's fixed.

7. I am experiencing the font-size problem that others have reported.

8. When the pop-up notification comes, it is hidden behind the Windows start bar. I can see the part that says the call is to me (hey, I already knew that!) but not the part that says who it's from (isn't that the whole point?)

9. address book sync does not seem to work with MS Outlook 2007 address book

10. Importing addresses in a CSV file works - I see all the names in my address book - but after I log off and log on again they are all gone. It's almost like I forgot to "save"

11. VCA says its compatible with Firefor but it keeps causing IE to load - IE is not a welcome program on my computer.

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Well, I don't use Firefox (use IE7) but to be honest I haven't been using VCA all the time.  I kind of was put off with Verizon's lack of knowledge with their own product and am worried about all these other glitches that people are finding.  The lack of knowing or understanding the McAfee alert really bugs me (pardon the pun).... Still on shaky ground with this...

In response to DuardF's message, Number 6:  Mine doesn't say that my Voicemail passcode is wrong, but when I enter it, it SAYS that my password has been saved, and then any new messages will show up on VCA.  But then I can call the number myself (using a cell phone) and leave a message, and it doesn't show up.  I have to go into settings, enter my voicemail password again, and then it will finally pop-up. 


Long story, short:  I think this little program is buggier than an ant farm.  I sure hope they fix the problems before they try to add a bunch of new features...

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