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Contributor whubbard
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Has anyone figured out how to use google voice for voicmails on FiOS?

I've tried forwarding them, but it doesn't seem to be working...



Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Doesn't work that way ....


You give out your google voice number as your primary phone number and tell people to call that number instead.  Google Voice will then forward people calling the GV number to your Verizon number and redirect them to GV voicemail on unanswered calls.


When you call people, you call the assigned GV dial number first from your home phone and then dial the intended party and that way they never see your home phone number's called id.



Contributor whubbard
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Registered: ‎06-14-2011
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That's not how it works with a verizon cell phone...

(which is how I would like my landline to work) Smiley Happy

Copper Contributor radman2020
Copper Contributor
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It can be done...  setup a google voice account.  Add voicemail (and transcription if you want).  Then use conditional call forwarding (they don't call it that) by dialing *93 on your home phone and putting in the google number.


This way you don't have to give people a google number, you  can keep your home number.

Contributor zsteeber
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The whole point of a google voice number is you have one inbox for all phones. For some reason I have been unable to have my FIOS phone ring on google voice. I have yet to find a solution to this problem. When someone calls your FIOS number it shoud ring your FIOS phone and every other number you connect to your google voice account. Then when the caller leaves a message it should be left on GV. FIOS doesnt play well with GV. I speculated its BC both are VOIP services. if anyone has a solution to make FIOS phone work with GV please let me know.

Contributor zsteeber
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If you forward calls from your FIOS to GV you can NEVER answer these calls. So dont do that. You are basically forwarding a all ready forwarded call to the same number which will send it to VM every time. I all ready went through that headache. 

Contributor zsteeber
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Is this different then *72 forwarding? I would like to be able to answer these calls on the FIOS # or the GV number. Traditional forwarding sends these (*72) sends these calls to GV VM.

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