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Phone has been down 2 times in 4 weeks. New phones. Shows phone is"in use" no dial tone and has only static on line-sometimes a busy tone as well. Using FIOS and have checked the ONT all lights are "green" except the POTS light is 'orange" cannot find any info on this as well as trying to contact/make a repair request/calling is ridiculous via website and calling. Have not been able to contact Verizon for this 2nd time around problem. Same problem earlier and it was fixed for 2 weeks now it is back again. Any ideas???

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Perhaps misery loves company, because it looks like Verizon is having the same problem across the USA.  Here I am in NYC, and haven't had a functioning landline in over a week.  Of course, once I finally got through to a human being, they tried to blame my phones, which isn't the problem.  My handset says "line in use", but all there is is static, and anyone trying to call only gets a busy signal.  And to say that they're not exactly rushing to get my service restored is an understatement.


This isn't the first time this has happened - it's been an ongoing problem for about a year, only this is the longest the line has ever been out.


Does anyone know why I'm paying them for a dial tone?

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Well ... for the FiOS thing, that definitely sounds weird.   Have you tried taking a phone out to the ONT and plugging directly into it?  Preferably a corded phone, not a cordless.   If you don't get dial tone then, it's inside the ONT. If you do get a dial tone, then there is a wiring issue or bad phone/handset inside your house.     If you have no dialtone at the ONT,  I'd try resetting the ONT and see if the problem clears -- unplug the battery from the battery backup, then unplug the power going to the battery backup unit, wait 60 seconds, and reverse the process.


If plugged directly into the ONT with a corded phone and a reset doesn't fix the problem -- this is a tech support call.  Make sure you make it clear that you have a corded phone directly plugged into the ONT and it's not working.   That should help shorten the troubleshooting process on their end.


As for the copper side of things ... same thing ... have you taken a corded phone out to the DMARK, opened the "customer" side and unplugged the house wiring and plugged in your corded phone to see if you get dial tone?   This is the quickest way to cut through the "House Wiring" vs "Verizon" problem.   If plugged into the DMARK directly with a working corded phone you fail to get dial tone, then it's a Verizon problem and you can describe this test to them (i.e. I have no dial tone and I am plugged directly into the DMARK).  If you do get dial tone, then the problem is inside your house either with the wiring or a bad phone/handset.




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I have/had a similar problem. One day I got up to find all my phones were 'dead'. I took one phone outside and plugged it into the jack mounted in the service box and it worked fine. I now have a long line going out my window to the outside jack so I still have DSL/phone service. Whats VERY STRANGE is that my phone will now ring twice a day - 2 rings, no caller ID. It happens at the exact same time every night (10:28pm) and morning (6:25am).This has been routine for the past month and began when I plugged into the outside jack. Prior to the phones going dead, I had no problems ever ! Even stranger is that I have 2 friends in different parts of the state with same issue. I was wondering if I could take say the red and green wire out at the box and splice them them together to create a 'loop' so that at each 'in house' outlet I can put 'continuity tester' probes across these 2 wires (at the jack) to test for a break in the line - then repeat with each color ?? Getting access to my in house wiring is very difficult as I only have a crawl space instead of a basement. I figure if I can test for a break in the line (or maybe corroded at the terminal where ever they split/branch out) from inside the house, I could narrow down the section of wire or the terminal connection thats at fault (it this is indeed the problem)? Any advice ? Thanx much !
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Recently my dial tone went dead as well and i have a service guy coming in a few days. I've done basic checks inside the house and so far, looks like the problem isn't in my house, but just to be sure, I like to learn more about testing it myself to see whether the problem is really outside or inside my house. I like to learn more about DMARK box and how to do the testing. I think I can try to follow your instructions, if you can expand on it (like what does house wiring look like etc or provide any links i.e. any youtube instruction video? I search but couldn't find any) that shows how one can do the testing it will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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i have not been able to use my phone for the last 4 days because of the noise and static, my address is {edited for privacy}

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I can get no dial tone...contacted Verizon on Saturday, Dec  18th and advised that Verizon was aware of problem in the area, and that it would be fixed by 6PM....This is Sunday 19th and still not able to get dial tone.  Nedd the use of my phone!

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Verizon has been extremely irresponsible in this case. For the last several days my phone has been dead on and off. When it's on, there's a lot of crackling noise, very loud. Then the dial tone goes away. Tried calling the number from a cell phone; does not ring at all. We are paying exorbitant fees for an unreliable service. Is Verizon listening?

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Is your phone fixed yet?   I am having same trouble.  

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I have had static and crosstalk from other customer lines for a couple of days now.  Followed directions to troubleshoot at the NID (DEMARK in my case) and found problem is on the line coming from Verizon.  Online I was able to schedule a tech for 6 Jan (15 days from now), tried to call and talk to a real person and would be dumped off the line before a real person would answer.  Even though the problem appears to by on the Verizon side of the DEMARK and I pay $7.99 a month for inside wiring service I find Verizon unresponsive.  Is there another path to talk to a real person at Verizon?  When I had a cable problem a couple of months ago they sent out a tech that day (Sunday) and fixed the problem.

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