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How can I block phone calls from a specific number?

How can I block phone calls from a specific number?

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OK - I just found it.  Verizon does not offer this service in Massachusetts.  That explains it!  (But why don't they?)

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Some switches/central offices don't have the ability for the feature to be programmed (esp. in the North East area (NY, MA, RI, CT).  There could be more.  It's a feature seen on mostly former GTE areas (California, Texas, Florida) & former Bell Atlantic areas (VA, MD, DC, DE, NJ, PA).  


I think it's crap that we have to sign up for FiOS Digital Voice (I will *NEVER* trust VoIP), and I don't want to have to dial 10 digits to call down the street, LOL.

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I pay for good service.  I expect this company to have the means or at least have an answer to blocking calls that occur continuosly all day long every 15 minutes. it rings 2 times then quits.  No one on the other line.  One is an 888# the other a 718 number.   It stops at night.  We have already disconnected our landline from the wall for 2 days and it still happens.  I`m pretty sure it is an automated #.  I will give this problem 1 week more.  It has already been 5 days.  If it does not quit, I will be forced to cancel my home landline and just use my cell (verizon).   I will also seek less expensive provider for my cell.     Any feedback will be considered.

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I'm trying to block a number from calling my house phone but when I dial *60 it's saying I have to call customer care for help

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Call Intercept can be a useful feature for this problem. I don't know about the rest of the country but here in PA it comes with a feature called "blocked numbers list". Using this list, which is a component of the Call Intercept feature, you can add anywhere from 1 to  25 telephone numbers of any kind (even toll-free numbers) to your blocked numbers list and then they cannot reach you. While *60 can be useful it is not available in all areas and in many cases it only blocks numbers in your local calling area.

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I've had this problem with unwanted calls for a LONG time, and there isn't any good solution for it.  Whenever you talk to different people from Verizon, you get different answers.


Kayci told me I should register for the 'do not call list' but I already did, to no avail.


Chloe from billing told me that even though I had FiOS TV and Internet, I was still on a copper phone line (not what I was told would be the case when I signed up).  So I had to pay $8/mo to get 'Call Intercept' to block numbers--the catch is that I was limited in the numbers I could block.  A calling feature that should be free; Verizon manages to overcharge for it while making it less functional by adding a low limit.


Some tech support guy said I would have to switch to digital voice, and who knows what that would do to my current bundle, and I'd have to dial my area code all the time, no thanks.


Why can't Verizon just give it's customers the ability to block numbers as they chose as part of their normal call plan???


I can see if they want to charge me if I wanted to block like 20 numbers, but there are just one or two that won't stop, and I'm not paying extra for that, I'll switch carriers first!

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Whew!   Went throught the ringer with multiple calls to get answers to block numbers from calling my phone as well.

Bottom line:  Do you have call intercept?  If you do you can manually block up to 25 numbers by calling 800-327-7070.  When prompted (if you have never set this feature up before) enter the last 4 digits of your home phone as a temporary pin #.  then it will prompt you for a permenant pin # which you can change in the future as well if desired.   After that - follow prompts.   Blocked numbers will automatically be rejected and you'll never know they called.


If yo udo not have call intercept, for $5.00 per month you can add call block and use that feature.  Otherwise, you should be able to report the number to Verizon as phone harrassment or to your local police for instructions.  It used to be that the phone company would suspend or completely cut off customers who harrassed others by phone.


Hope this helps!

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Per Verizon, if you do not have the monthly call block feature for $5.00, you get charged per each day that you use the +60 feature.    I could not get it to work either by the instructions. but the call intercept met my needs and it was a feature we already had but did not know it could be used to block specific numbers.

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Cotrawise, you can block up to 25 numbers manually if you have Call Intercept even if you do not have the additional Call Block feature.

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Why would Verizon do away with something this important?  I live in Maryland and going though a divorce and there is no way to keep my soon to be ex and his mother from calling me.   Sure I don't have to pick up the phone, but is it really fair for us not to have this service simply because we moved.I don't want to have to change my number

stanenba wrote:

Hi all,


I've been receiving two or three phone calls a day (some at 3 in the morning!) from what seems to be a recording of a man talking. I'd love to simply block the number from being to call us. Is there any way to do that?


Please note, I've tried calling the number but it goes to a recording there, too.


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