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How can I block unwanted calls? (Besides Do Not Call List)

We just moved into our new home and have Verizon's home phone service (and everything else). In less than the month we've been here we've been BOMBARDED by HUNDREDS of solicitors! Half are non-profits, half biz/telemarketers.They're all unwanted (I don't even do charities over the phone). I've never been so overwhelmed with unwanted calls before! (Must be a California thing? We just moved here from Seattle). Our number is on the National Do Not Call registry, but of course that doesn't stop the non-profits, charities and politicians from calling (they're excluded). Nor does it stop the ones who just don't care. I see that Verizon no longer provides the option of blocking unwanted numbers, and it also discontinued the Do Not Disturb feature. There used to be other options from many of the various phone providers to block all calls except those on a pre-approved list of your choosing. Why aren't these options available to us anymore???

I'm thinking... with all this advanced technology...  there MUST be some way to block all those unwanted calls!!??!!

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Re: How can I block unwanted calls? (Besides Do Not Call List)

Hello rednorsk


There are a couple of options, including one that is on done through your account online, or by calling customer service and requesting the block.  Customer Service can tell you how many of these blocks can be done for free, and whether you will need a specific plan to cover more.


Here is a thread on just your issue.


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Re: How can I block unwanted calls? (Besides Do Not Call List)

Hi, I live in PA and I subscribe to a service called Call Intercept which I really enjoy. In addition to screening all private and unavailable calls, you can create a list of numbers that you can block permanently. It is a good alternative to Do Not Disturb and is a little less restrictive, but just as effective. Hopefully this service is available in CA.

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