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How can I get the call history for a land line?

How can I get the call history for a land line?

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How can I get the call history for a land line?

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Remember your talking to peers here.


Some of the services support one you can acces and some do not.  FIOS Digital Voice and Freedom essentials both have one.  The one for essentials only supports in coming I think, and FDV supports both.  Both wrap and some number, I think 99.


Old paper bills used to record such, but haven't seen them on bills in a long time.


If you absolutely need one for some reason, and none of the options I mentioned works for you, try contacting verizon during normal hours (billing department might be needed) at one of the options

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I have FiOS Digital Voice, and I can easily see the last 200 calls, in and out. Note that I have covered all phone numbers in the following screens.



Just mouse over My Verizon at the top and then click on "Check My Voicemails" (not intuitive I know, but that will take you to the Digital Voice screen where you can view both voicemails and your call list, as well as change your Digital Voice settings). This will take you to:



Here is the Digital Voice screen. For some reason it defaults to Missed Calls for me, not sure if it does for evrybody, but once you click on any of the links to go to the call list you can change what calls you are seeing.



Change the View Status pulldown to All, and you will see up to the last 200 calls in and out (10 calls per page, up to 20 pages). If you use Voicemail (I don't) you can check those here also.


Hope this helps.


FiOS TV, 25/25 Internet, and Digital Voice user
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Justin, I have Freedom Essentials and the links you show are not available to me. Thanks for your time & effort.

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You can use Verizon Call Assistant (VCA).  Sorry I don't remember the url.  Should be able to find it somewhere under your services but since they change the Verizon website, I have more trouble finding things, especially if they don't apply to my account.


Update:  this may be the url

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