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How do I change the # of rings before my voicemail picks up?? I can't find the option to do that

How do I change the # of rings before my voicemail picks up?? I can't find the option to do that

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Call Verizon customer care. They will set the number of rings you want.

Dumb question, but does anyone have the number for Customer Care handy?


I'm finding it very difficult getting ahold of verizon.



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Try 888-553-1555

Turn your phone on and press  58# 


If you hear a dial tone that beeps three times, enter the number 8 for 8 rings, 6 for 6 rings, etc.

If you hear a regular dial tone, it wants a code...enter the number 46 for 8 rings...Sorry, not too sure of the codes for 6 or 4 rings.


Hope this helps.


All the before mentioned solutions worked, but with a "catch 22".  I first tried the 58# solution to no avail, I got a busy signal.  I then called the customer care number listed and after 20 different menus and being on hold for ten minutes, I got tech support on the line who informed me that "they" forgot to activate that service when "they" put the service on my line.  Guess what directions he gave me after he "flipped the switch"?, The 58# worked first time after that(After searching thru 20 or so web pages plus the phone time)


The instuctions for changing the number of rings depends on your location. You would contact Verizon if you live in the northeast. But if you live in the southeast or west, you can make the change yourself, online. You can find our how to do that using the instructions that came with your voicemail or opening the Home Voice Mail.pdf instructions here:

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