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How do I connect a new phone jack to the FIOS ONT?

How do I connect a new phone jack to the FIOS ONT?

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Hi, I have FIOS TV and Internet already, so there is a large electronic box / ONT in my closet (not sure what the model number is but it was installed a few months ago).  I just ordered FIOS digital voice online, and learned that I can buy any cordless phone to go with the new service.  I didn't order FIOS phone jack installation.  How do I connect the phone jack to the ONT?  I'm guessing there will be a punchdown block in the ONT that I can use, and run standard phone cable to a wall jack?  I have a phone wire punchdown tool somewhere.  Or is there an actual phone jack already in the ONT that I can plug into?

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OK, looks like I'm all set.  I found diagrams for the FIOS ONT on the Internet and the phone connections are very well marked.  Here's the URL for a FIOS FAQ page in case anyone else is interested:



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On thing you need to be careful of if you've also connected to the remainder of your house phone line wiring ... This phone line wiring is likely cross-connected to the public network somewhere (called the dMark).   The wiring should be disconnected from the public network at the dmark to prevent any issues with signals coming from outside of your house (phone noise, lightning, etc.).  Typically you will find the dMark box has a "customer" side on it.   If you open the customer side, there will be  a phone line plugged in using a typical phone style connector ... simply unplug it and leave it unplugged.   Your phone is all coming from the ONT, so nothing more to do.


If you are directly connected to the ONT and not using the house wiring at all, then you can ignore this.



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haw do I connect a new phone

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