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How do i block Anonymous or Private or Unavailable

How do i block Anonymous or Private or Unavailable

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A few months ago I was getting phone calls from this indian pretending to be from a government dept. demanding fo speak to someone who doesn't live hear..I told him and he wouldn't stop pestering me. I got online and blocked the number I got online from other people who had the same issue but today he started calling again.


He gave me a new fake name and the same story but this time when i went to my verizon phone calls list on theis website. all his phone calls (which were 6) were either anonymous or private...I blocked several 980 numbers but these dont have a number that i can add to the list. Is there a way to block Anonymous, Private or  Unavailable numbers because the cops wont do anything other than change my number but this is crazy that i cant protect my family from this indian a-hole. Please help me.

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I know there is a feature called 'Anonymous call rejection' that could be turned on the the online account manager. Or you can call in to tech support and they can turn the feature on for you.
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@mpalacios99 wrote:
Is there a way to block Anonymous, Private or  Unavailable numbers ..

When a caller withholds their number you can use Anonymous Call Rejection to block them.  This type of call shows up as "Private" in my area.  However, there are ways that callers can withhold their name but the number is shown.  Calls like "unavailable." The only way to block those calls is by using the per number block.  Unfortunately, you can only block 10 numbers.  And the people who call have a lot more than 10 numbers available. 


The only solution I've found is an answering machine that lets me screen the calls.

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Fill  complaint with  FCC.  Also    in some instances  your local  police can  deal   with  it.   If they are threatening  you with harm.

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