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How do you turn off Verizon voice mail?

How do you turn off Verizon voice mail?

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I have an answering machine, I would like to turn off Verizon voice mail so that all unanswered calls go directly to my answering machine.  The tech that installed my service said it was possible, but the directions he gave me led to a dead end.  Does anyone know how to turn off Verizon voice mail?  Is there a way to do this on-line or via the telephone (without having to contact a representative)?
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You Can't.

You only have the option for the Per-call.  If you are making a call and do not want it to pick-up there is a number you call to stop it - But just for that call.  That was ONE of the reasons I stopped it.



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This is what I would do if you do not want to use you voice mail is log in to you voice mail system by calling the access number and change the ring count to 8 then turn on you answering machine and setup the ring count lower then what you have have set on the Verizon mail.
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Since the Verizon Voicemail will answer calls to you number when you are using your phone, a second incoming call to your number while your own answering machine is taking a message WILL BE forwarded the the Verizon Voicemail system --possibly giving you recorded messages in 2 places. Note that each increase in the ring count will add 6 seconds to the amount of time it takes to forward the call to the Verizon Voicemail system.


If you really don't what the  Verizon Voicemail system which can handle multiple calls simultanteously (something you own answering machine cannot do), your only option is to phone Verizon's business office and request that they remove the Verizon Voicemail service from your line.

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Since I have a home answering machine, I had to call Verizon and have the voice mail turned off.  It took approximately two days.  They do NOT charge for this!

Mike T.

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Thanks.  What number do you call to deactivate?
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Try starting here:


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