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How to block nuisance calls

How to block nuisance calls

Device: landline phone
Location: maryland usa
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I've been having problems with someone calling repeatedly at all hours of the day and night.  They don't usually say anything but when they do they use a voice changer.  The calls show up on the caller ID as "private number".   I've got call intercept and caller id but it's not stopping the calls.  Does anyone know how to block these?

Moderator Emeritus
Moderator Emeritus
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Have you tried anonymous call rejection? You can read about it on this thread.

Nickel Contributor
Device: HTC Droid Incredible
Plan: Unlimited
Location: Houston, TX
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I just noticed the other day. If you log into your account there is actually a spot you can block phone numbers. Youc an block up to 5 of them from having any contact with you!

Plan: Freedom
Location: Michigan
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ElizabethS wrote:

Have you tried anonymous call rejection? You can read about it on this thread.

Call Intercept - You cannot use Anonymous Call Rejection and Call Intercept at the same time. Deactivate Anonymous Call Rejection first

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How come the settings allow for rejecting all anonymous calls AND blocking certain calls? (Doesn't work, though, as pointed out above - blocked numbers get through - very annoying.)

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I am receiving calls from someone that appears on my caller ID as private name private number.  When I pick up there is no one on the line. Last night I received 3 calls from this caller, the last at 12 midnight.


I want the calls to stop; and if at all possible I want to know where the calls originate.  I have a coworker that has been bullying me and harassing me.


Please advise what options are available to me.



Nickel Contributor
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If you have caller id as you say then all you should have to do is dial *77 to turn on Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR) and no further private numbers will be able to reach you; they will get a recording that you do not accept calls from private numbers. On the other hand if you really want to find out who is making the calls you could try using *57 (Call Trace). The procedure for using Call Trace is this: immediately after receiving the harassing call, hang up and obtain a dial tone, then dial *57. A recording will come on that will tell you how to proceed further, working with Verizon and possibly also your local police department. Note that you may have to use *57 on as many as 3-5 separate calls for action to be taken, and that  there is a charge each time you use *57. Call your local business office to find out exactly what the charge is in your area. Also note that Verizon will generally not investigate hang up calls, but if they are coming in as late as midnight that may be a different story. Good luck.

Copper Contributor
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I can block up to 10 and it's still not enough.  The available block inventory needs to be increased. I need more, lots more.

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What I really want to do is to block callers by NAME, not phone number.  "Rachel, from Cardholder Services" changes her phone number as often as she changes her socks, but she always shows up as "CARDHOLDER SERVICES".  I want to block it!


Nickel Contributor
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YES YES YES 'CARD SERVICES' needs to be blocked on ALL Telecom sites!


also, a phone number that could not be possible needs to be blocked   ie. {edited for privacy}   

(I think this is Rachel's friend! LOL) 


If the FCC & FTC could change a few rules so that Caller Ids can't be hacked and offer a button to automatically OPT-OUT or Report to Do Not Call registry I would be a happy camper. Seems like the nuisance calls are 90% of my landline activity but I want to keep a landline for emergency contact by elderly relatives.

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