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How to get a list of incoming and outgoing calls?

How to get a list of incoming and outgoing calls?

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Hey Tony.  When I log into my account, I use this custom reports thing under the my bill section.  That helps me see who I'm calling.  I use my caller ID for incoming calls.

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That's not working for me.  It seems I don't have the options necessary to get a detailed custom report.  The only thing that comes up is a directory assistance call made 6/30 and I know I've used the phone many times before and since then.  I need to prove that I made calls to a company because they're saying I didn't call within the 45 days to be able to return an item but I did.  Any idea how else I could view outgoing calls made? 
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Here's what I do when I sign into my account.  I click on the My Bill tab then I find the Print and Download link in the upper right hand corner.  I click on the arrow next to that link and then click on Download call details.  That way I can see all the people me and my wife have called.  Is that what you did sheofennui?

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Yes, that's what I did and it pulls up a spreadsheet with one call to directory assistance made June 30th.
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I can't get my call history to show up either.  I try to download but it shows no calls, when I've made/received at least 50.  Custom report doesn't list any options either.
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Do you have unlimited calling? You can only get a detail if you are paying per-minute for calls in most areas (some areas laws may require detail, but there are few areas that do that). No detail on unlimited local or long distance calling otherwise. They are not required to keep a record if it is unlimited and you cannot get a list of incoming calls because they are all free, except for collect calls. The only way to get details of these calls otherwise is through legal representation (hiring a lawyer).
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