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I can't receive phone calls on my landline. Calls go straight to voicemail.

I can't receive phone calls on my landline. Calls go straight to voicemail.

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My telephone service is with Verizon. I also have internet FIOS with Verizon.


The calls I receive go straight to verizon voicemail. Others have called me and their calls went straight to voicemail. When I call my landline using Skype, the call goes to voicemail. Sometimes I will have a very short ring.


I called tech support I have not yet heard back from them.


Thanks in advance for the help.



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Usually when the calls go straight to voicemail only when the phone line is busy. Maybe something somewhere is off the hook or in use that you aren't aware of. Just a thought. Good luck.
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If you can make calls from your landline, then you don't have an off hook situation.  You can try *73 to cancel call forwarding to see if that clears it up.  If that doesn't work, call tech suport back.  It might be possible there is something messed up in the central office. 


Did you make any changes to your service recently?  If so, that might give them or you a clue as to what set it off.

Device: phone
Plan: internet
Location: hampton roads virginia

Hey, I'm having the same problem.  Getting through to tech support is an adventure, and then jumping through all the hoops for checking to see if there's a problem with your phone or the service within your house is great fun.  Right now tech support is routing all the calls to our cell phone until they can get out to check the lines..9 days from now is the earliest they can get out-ridiculous!  Since we don't have a cell phone plan we are paying by the minute for these calls.

I'll post if we resolve this problem.  I wonder if it has to do with the fios upgrade that they are doing in the area, we haven't gotten it here yet.

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Silver Contributor V
Device: Actiontec Rev I
Plan: FDV\75 down 75 up
Location: Floral Park, NY
There are 3 possibilities that I see. The first is the number is called forwarded. The second is Verizon has your number busied out in the switch for some reason. Lastly there is a short circuit on the line tricking the system in to thinking someone is on the phone and goes to voice mail.
A fourth possibilty is that the ring count is set to 1 on your voicemail.  This might intercept the call before you are aware of it ringing.  You can modify the ring count (number of rings before going to voicemail) by calling your own number, entering your PIN and then follow the prompts to check and/or change your ring count.
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Device: iPhone

what i do wheneve this happens:


Unplug all cordless fones ( from power AND from the fone line ), and hook up only old school wired fones.


94% of the times its because ur cordless phones are all screwy.

... and by the way, i like turtles
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