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Increase in Billing

Contributor bandmom
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I just got my bill today and it also has increased $3.00 this month for verizon freedom.  I looked atthe previous month and there was a $3.00 increase in  July also.  I just switched from Comcast to Verizon bundle in June.  So far my bills have been $166.00; $157; and this month a whopping $198.80!!!!  This is a far cry from the $119.00 a month I was quoted.  I wonder if we can cancel early since they are not living up to their end of the contract.  We can't even get all the features with the Verizon freedom in the area where we live.  I still get to pay for them though!  Why can't we call one person to discuss our bill rather than having to call for phone, cable, and then Direct TV..I wish I had never switched from Comcast. 
Copper Contributor GSnicker
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Maybe I'm out of line, but hasn't anyone noticed that all prices go up and not down? I've spent much more in increases on gas, food, movies, eating out, car prices etc., etc., etc. This is really no different. It's a fact of life that prices go up because everything these companies use to provide services has gone up (e.g. gas,materials, etc.). I feel I get a very good service and don't like seeing my rates go up either, but you either just manage without certain things or pay for what you need. I really studied my bill last month and my bill is exactly as I was told, my bundle rate, plus the extras I choose to receive (not mandatory), plus taxes and surcharges (which are high but that is government and not the company). I imagine it is very hard to regulate customer service because most calls probably come in at certain times of the day and you can't really hire a bunch more people just for those times without raising prices even further, etc. It's a no-win situation but I love my FiOS and do all I can online and noticed the last time I had to call Technical Support they told me they'd call me back in 15 minutes instead of having me wait on hold and they did just that with a technician ready to help. I just called (888) 553-1555 (I usually call later at night) and used the option to speak to someone when I got this offer. I do like the unlimited calling and feel I make enough calls that it stills saves me lots of money each month over per-minute rates...just my opinion...
Contributor Hobnob123
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I remember years ago switching to Verizon from AT&T after being gouged for too long on Long Distance, etc.  My, how I loved Verizon.  They actually provided *decreases* in prices for DSL while they improved the speed and service.  There were enough options to shave as much from my phone bill as desired, without being forced into premium "packages" or alternative providers.  The last several years Verizon has taken on the practices that made me despise AT&T.  Every other month it seems like another "minimum usage" fee or other hike is added.  In response, I've dropped Verizon and found *much* cheaper provider options for such things as Regional calling, Long Distance calling, and switched to low usage Local bare bones calling.  There isn't a lot of Verizon left to shave or I would.  I've lost the love, and so I now hesitate to take a shot at the recently available internet FiOS service - it may even be time to consider cable.


Contributor bluknight12
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yea, i see the same thing - increases every month.  Every time i reconfigure my services by deleting a service (like call waiting)  to save money, the next month they increase the charges for basic services.  So after saving money one month, the next month I am right back to the amount I was paying before I got rid of the service and now I don't have that service.  Considering going back to Cable Internet and get rid of phone bill altogether and using VoIP.
Contributor joshlitt
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My Freedom Value went up $3 too.  I paid $34.95 for this service in Aug 2006, $39.99 in Feb 2007, $41.99 in Dec 2007, and now $44.99 in June 2008.  So that's a 29% increase over 2 years.  Clearly these rates are going up much faster than inflation. Further, because there is no calling detail -- not even minutes of local, regional and long distance used, it is hard to compare to any alternative other than a similar bundle. What looked like a good deal in when I signed up in 2006, is not looking like such a good deal today.
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I'm not arguing with any of you, but I don't understand why you are seeing what you are seeing. My bill has remained exactly the same, to the penny, for many months, including my August bill. I have the FiOS Triple Freedom package (Verizon Freedom Essentials, FiOS Internet (15/2), and FiOS TV Premier) for $109.99. Then add in the additional stuff, like DVR, SD STBs, and Movie Package (total $35.96), plus various taxes and fees ($25.20), a constant $171.15. And my bill very clearly lists every call made, date, time, location, number, minutes, and cost ($.00).


What is the difference? Are none of you using the Triple-Freedom package? If not, you should really look into it, it will protect you for one or two years.


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Copper Contributor GSnicker
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You are correct Justin, if you sign a contract your rates "do not" go up for the term of that contract. Mine are exactly the same for the term of my contract. If you don't sign a contract your rates will go up, just like groceries and gas. Do you really think it costs no more to buy gas for the phone company for phone repairs, etc.,? Why wouldn't those rates increase just like rates for gas, food, electricity, etc.??? You must commit to a contract then you don't have to worry about the rates going up until your contract expires.
Contributor GrannyG
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I finally called them and found out why mine was going up. In Feb.'08 is when I switched over to unlimited calling. I live to far away to get FIOS and I already have Directv. And the person that signed me up for the Freedom Essentials didn't tell me that it had to be bundled in order to continue getting the low price for the year. So I told them it was a waste of money giving me the unlimited calling for that price when they can't even give me the FIOS price because it isn't available here. So they put me back to my unlimited local calling and the 10 cents per sensible minute which I barely used before. It is saving me $15 a month.

Contributor Hobnob123
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Hey, I'd be more than happy to commit to an annual contract or longer if Verizon would provide one for the configuration I need, and indeed I do contract for internet service.  But buying into even the lowest end contract for phone service is *way* more service than I need.  Why take out all your profit frustrations on us low-usage customers & stick us with all the price gouging?  Really - $10/mo for Caller-ID?  If Verizon would offer me an annual contract rate that is higher than the monthly rate that I'm paying now I'd consider it in order to avoid the regularly snuck-in nickle & diming or worse.  Just don't try to force me into paying for things of which I have no use.  Me, unlimited calling bundles?  Ha!



Contributor 1414alissa
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Are they really charging you for calling into Verizon to get help?  Is that technical support or regular calls about plans and billing?  I have to call in about a "cramming" issue.  On the BACK of the last page of the last two bills we have received charges for "VOICEMAIL MO FEE" and just today I noticed that it's not even a Verizon charge but from TriVoice International.  talk about cheating us out of money, I never authorized this company, never even HEARD of them and now I have to call Verizon to get their contact info (since they have to provide contact info to verizon but verizon isn't required to put it on the bill I have to ask them for it. I don't want to have to pay for this call because verizon can't do anything about it but block future charges ) 
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