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Intermittant problem with receiving incoming calls

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Intermittant problem with receiving incoming calls

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For the past week incoming callers have been telling me that they are having trouble connecting when they call my land line phone. When they dial my number they hear only one ring followed by static or a high pitched tone, then the line goes dead. When it happens I also hear the ring at my end but when I pick up the phone the line is dead. When I call my land line from my cell phone to test the problem it also happens for me intermittantly. Any ideas?

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Re: Intermittent problem with receiving incoming calls

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Have you tried to isolate the issue..Possibly suspect a bad phone or phone wire going to the Jack.  I would take all the phones out of the jacks.  Connect one phone to one jack and make some calls to to your #.  If fails try a different phone on that jack..If also fails then try the same 2 phones at a different jack.  If fails try a 3rd at that second jack..At this point you should be able to tell if it is a phone or Jack issue.  If neither then we need to isolate deeper into the home/ONT or network. I  test that for you if send me your tele# in a private message.

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