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Is there a way to temporarily disable voice mail?

Is there a way to temporarily disable voice mail?

Contributor HomeUser
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Contributor HomeUser
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Sorry, I didn't mean to just post that.


I have standard voice mail as part of my package and would like to continue to use my home answering machine. Is there  a way to turn off the verizon home voice mail without changing my package?

Contributor Homelizard
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I love voicemail and use it in conjunction with Caller ID so that I can tell who is calling, rather than screening my calls on answer machine. But, I know some folks like to screen their calls using the machine, so here goes.... 


One thing you can do is set you answering machine to answer before the voicemail does. For example, they normally set the default so that it answers after 4 rings. You can set your answering machine to 3 rings if you want, which will allow you to screen your calls. The only thing is, if your line is busy or if you have Call Waiting and choose not to answer the second incoming call, the calls will forward directly to the voicemail.


Also, in some areas, Verizon can increase the number of rings before the voicemail answers, if you want to give yourself more time to get to the phone before the machine kicks in. For instance, they may be able to change the voicemail to answer on the 6th ring rather than the 4th, which would allow you to set your answer machine to as many as 5 rings. Hope this helps!  


Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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You need to call verizon and have them turn it off.  I just recently did this.  I also use my home answering machine.  It will not change your "bundle".  I also added call forwarding at a cost of $4.00 per month, something that should have been included with the bundle.
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