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Contributor renzandjo
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Is there a way to check online for outgoing calls that were made from my home phone  besides just waiting for the bill to come?  I think one of my kids is making calls when I'm not home and I want a way to check on this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Hello renzandjo..thanks for reaching out to us. Currently we do not have a feature that list outgoing calls only incoming. I will take this back as a suggestion. Thank you!

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Contributor moody1983
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I am on a live chat with a verizon associate and his exact words to me were that I should be keeping track of all the ingoing out and outgoung calls myself. Here's our chat: 

Chat Subject: Other Your Question: I would like to have a listing of all incoming and outgoing calls being made from my home phone A Verizon eCenter Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you. (14:26:03) Agent Vic has joined. (14:26:08) Vic : Chat ID for this session is 03121012397. (14:26:08)

  Vic(14:26:17): Hello. Thank you for using our chat service. I will be happy to help you today, and I will be happy to review your account to be sure you are getting the BEST BUNDLE VALUE for your services. christina keller(14:26:26): thank you

Vic(14:26:51): Unfortunately, we do not provide call detail lists for local service.

christina keller(14:27:11): for incoming or outgoing calls?

Vic(14:27:21): That is correct.

christina keller(14:27:28): how come

Vic(14:27:48): Local service is unlimited. We have no need to track or time those calls.

christina keller(14:28:10): what about your customers needs to keep track of what calls are being made from their home phone

  Vic(14:29:20): That you would either keep track of yourself or you may be able to add call detail to your account for a monthly fee. One moment and I will see if that is available in your area.

christina keller(14:30:08): well im sorry that i am not home 24 hours a day to rush to the phone and interogate the person using the phone and find out what numbers are being called christina keller(14:30:29): im sure you have the information and just want to charge a fee for it

Vic(14:31:30): No, we don't keep those records unless there is an extenuating reason to do so. One moment please.  


 So basically, what they are saying is we need to keep track of all of our calls when it is information that i know they have. They CLAIM to have no need to keep track of it; however, it is impossible for a system to completely ignore and not record any information about every number in your local area. THEN they want to tell you that IF the service is available in your area, you can pay a FEE to get all the information about every call associated with your phone number. RIGHT THERE is PROOF that they have access to the information we are requesting. they simply want to turn a profit from it. This is enough to make me change services altogether. I'll take my phone, internet and cable to Bright House, a company I know for a fact will give me, FOR FREE, a listing of all incoming and outgoing call on my home phone

Copper Contributor BIOG
Copper Contributor
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I feel your pain. I do not know if it is because Verizon is so big, or what. I get different answers on any given day. I have everything Verizon, internet, TV, home phone, and two cellphones.One day I am told they do not provide a service, only to find out the next day, they really do provide it. I realize they have certain areas that they cannot provide services. But, I think most of their problem is employee training, Some know how to answer the phone, and some know how to answer the phone AND have knowledge about what they are being called about. I get frustrated when they give me answer they really do not have knowledge of, just because they think the customer needs an answer, and we will hang up.

That being said, do not give up too quickly. They have very good people who work there, and know their job. Just call on another day, at a different time. You may find out the service you want really does exist. It has happened to me three times now. It is sad, since they do have good equipment and service (people). Good Luck!


Contributor Wanderlust
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Click through:

Verizon.com (not .net) >My Verizon [sign in] >My Bill [enter bill date you want] >Breakdown of Charges >Voice Services >[Your Verizon plan name, e.g., Verizon Freedom Value] Calls billed to [your phone number].


Call details should come up for the month you entered.  Incredible that not one of several Verizon reps, including two supervisors, knew this.  Found it by accident today.  Hope this works for your plan, too!


Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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the Call assistant MAY have that feature...  Here is a link to the Call assistant software
https://www22.verizon.com/callassistant/   Call Assistant support can be reached at  1-888-483-5156


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Bronze Contributor II
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if you live in certain states u can call verizon billing and ask for Local Usage Details.


if you dont have a LD plan that is unlimited, it should automatically list all LD calls.

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Contributor gburg
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I am not able to find under MY Bill :

Breakdown of Charges >Voice Services >[Your Verizon plan name, e.g., Verizon Freedom Value] Calls billed to [your phone number].

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