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Line drop after Fios conversion

Line drop after Fios conversion

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I have been a Verizon customer for many years.  When I considered coverting from Comcast to FIOS for internet and TV I decided to include my phone too.   SInce converting I have line drops during phone calls. Sometimes its 5-6 minutes some times more.  But if I talk long enough it will drop.  Same phones I had on POTS with Verizon! Same wiring, same everything.   I have had a service call into Verizon since 3/13...they called one time left message to call back. I called number held for 10 minutes  call was dropped. Tried again 18 minutes on hold...call dropped again...third time 20 minutes on hold ...I gave up!!  I even checked online service repair...said trouble not assigned...  since 3/13!!    Can someone tell me how I can get Verizon to fix this issue?    

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A .... use another phone to call them


B.... use the online chat at www.verizon.com/contactus


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My limited experience is that the entitiy tasked with cables/lines operates w/o external accountability.   At this writing, the only "reliable" way to communicate is through a service representative (SR) who must use a separate communication system while customers are put on hold.  The SR's system is more like a teletype device which places messages in queue, and then the SR must wait until someone pulls the message off the queue and makes a reply.


So, even though  my service from them was supposed to have been completed before 3/11/2010, and Marked as though it were, in fact, more than two weeks later, it is Still incomplete,  In my case, I know they have a backlog, this much backlog means they should call in extra help.  Verizon management is to blame for my case and yours, for not setting up required effective accountability standards to force compliance to correct incomplete or shoddy work.  Except in the rarest of cases, nothing should be outstanding for more than a few days from a deadline, and in thoses cases, complete communication with customer about how this is being resolved is a must.


In my case, I can't even get them to respond for a request for a Miss Utiility number. 

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