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Masked Phone Calls from Telemarketers

Masked Phone Calls from Telemarketers

Contributor pgawannabe75
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I am getting a TON of unsolicited phone calls from people that are masking their true phone numbers(they end up being from health insurance and time share people).  Verizon, why can't you develop something that will allow us to reject calls like this, or at least show their true number.   I'm on the do not call list, and have the ability to block phone numbers, but when they mask the numbers, they obviously can't be blocked.  As a large telecom, why can't you force them to show their true number.  These are criminal acts that effect thousands of us every day.


Can you help us out?

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Gold Contributor V
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It's not that simple.  Here's my post explaining why:




Have Fun!


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Copper Contributor evelynsalt
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I believe that the number is spoofed. I found about this caller ID spoofing when I received a weird call purportedly from my sister's number. I answered but there nobody there so when she got home, I asked and she said she didn't call. There wasn't even a call log on her phone for an outgoing call made to my number. 


So I did a little research online and found out that nuisance callers can actually hide their phone number by faking the information that appears on the recipient's caller ID. They can take on any number, even that of the local police department, even that of your mom's.Even weird ones such as 00.

With such calls, the best option is to refer them to your telephone service provider and have the calls traced based on the time and date you got them. The caller may have faked the number on your caller ID but not the telephone company's database.

Copper Contributor evelynsalt
Copper Contributor
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If you wish to learn more about caller ID spoofing, I suggest you read the article I found at Callercenter. It's actually a consumer protection website where people report both suspicious and unsolicited calls, but the website also discusses  how phone scams are perpetrated so people have a better understanding.

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