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My Verizon NUMBER - HOW Portable -

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My Verizon NUMBER - HOW Portable -

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I am making a decesion to run with some new contact information.  Blasting about 1000 people the info and I want to get it right.  How portable is my verizon landline freedom package number.  My questions;


Can I take it when I move and use verizon again ?

Can I turn off the phone service and just pay verizon to forward calls ?

Can I port the number to another service provider ?



In short I am debating forcing all calls through toll free numbers and paying the expense but the convenice of directing my own mess.


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Re: My Verizon NUMBER - HOW Portable -

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I'm not all that sure what you mean about "Blasting" and "forcing all calls" but as far as your phone service goes....


If have regular old phone service and you move and stay within your area you can take it with you.  There's a chance if you have Fios Digital Voice that you can take it further with you since it's an internet connection (I'm not 100% sure how that works). 


When you turn off your phone service there will be a recording for 60 days giving out any number you want, or you can ask for Call Mover (not avail in all areas):


You can usually port your number to another provider or to a cell phone, but it's best to check with the provider itself.

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Re: My Verizon NUMBER - HOW Portable -

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I am trying to transport my 877 # with no luck.  I opened the account with Verizon and it doesn't seem to have transferred to the "new" Frontier billing with everything else; Frontier has no record of the number is their files.


The 877 # number is a primary number for my business and is working fine.  My concern is that someone will come across it one day and pull the plug - and a lot of my business.


How do I find out who the current provider is?  And how to contact them?  Assistance would be very much appreciated.

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Re: My Verizon NUMBER - HOW Portable -

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If you tell us which state/area you live in, we can tell you who services you with Telephone. Additionally if you get a bill in the mail, you should be able to check to see who is billing you.

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