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Need phone jack moved to another room

Need phone jack moved to another room

Contributor dennisg
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When I had my service installed, the installer put a single jack in the bedroom as we don't use the phone much. One month later, I have a new job and need a phone in a different room. Is this just a sign of the guy not wanting to do to much work? Am I going to have to pay to have another jack installed? How do I go about this?

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Employee Emeritus
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When we install service we tie our copper cable into the houses NID. When we do this, all the jacks inside someones house will be live if they were previously wired correctly. If there are no jacks, then we install 1 jack at no additional charge. Even if you asked for a second jack to be installed at the time of service, there would have been a charge as well. Any general contractor or electrician can install a phone jack for you. Should you wish Verizon to install it, please send me a private so we can make that happen.


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Contributor susanje1
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The day my FIOS was installed I wasn't even asked if I wanted a phone in more than one room  It looks to me as if they had it in other rooms but only one works.  If I had known, I would have had him install.  I thought I could plug into any of the wall jacks.


What can  I do to have phone jacks in more than one room?  Can I install them myself?

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You can always install jacks yourself. If wiring doesn't already exist, start by getting a length of CAT3 cabling at least, with two wire pairs. It is also best to locate the point where the wire coming from the NID enters your home to a "meeting point" for other potential lines in your home, if this point exists. Essentially, we're looking for a way to allow us to tie multiple jacks to a single line without having to have them all meet up at the NID, which only accepts one cable pair leaving it which makes it an unsuitable location to tie multiple lines into one line.


To put it into perspective, we're looking at something like...


Verizon Copper Drop ----> NID  ---> Meeting Point (Punch Block, Junction) ---> Phone lines going to various locations in your home.


When wiring the home up, make sure you take a look at how things are currently wired, in case something winds up messed up and needs to be undone. There isn't much to screw up, but it is best to ensure you do not mix up the Tip and Ring as some devices do not work well with them mixed up.


For wiring guides, take a look at this website. It outlines things pretty well. http://www.wire-your-phones.com/


The guide outlines several wiring methods. I'm personally not for daily chaining as it creates problems with troubleshooting. I'm the type of person who prefers to have lines meet up at a point, such as punch block, which makes connecting and disconnecting, along with troubleshooting problematic jacks and wiring a lot easier.

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