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New Customer Today

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New Customer Today

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I am a new customer to Verizon as of today.  I was scheduled to have my phone and internet turned on today, and the tech arrived at 11:40am.  He was at my house for about 40 minutes and said that it was time for lunch and returned about 2 hours later.  Not that big of a deal in my eyes.  People have to eat.


He got the internet up and running, but had problems with the phone.  Said something had to be turned on at the central office and the phone should be up and running in an hour or so.  That was at about 3pm.


I called tech support at 8pm and was told "Sorry we are busy" and the phone should be up and running by 12:00pm tomorrow.  Over 24 hours after the tech was here.  Is this a normal occurence with Verizon.  Not a good start with a new customer.

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Re: New Customer Today

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When I had my FiOS installed the phone was working before the Tech left.  Unfortunately, I then tried to have my old phone number ported from my old house to my new one, and I have been without phone for 3 weeks.  Be careful of the "it will be working in x hours" line.  I think this is partly to just get you off the phone.

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Re: New Customer Today

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i signed up for verizon fios almost two months ago and very frequently my sisters in 2 separate states get an error message when trying to call my verizon fios land line ("this is not a working number, check the number and call again").  I have contacted them many times (seven plus now - im losing count) since i became aware of the issue (six or so weeks ago).   The issue is still not resolved and now ive signed up here and have gotten numerous, "we are gonna contact you, etc" pm's but no one has contacted me as promised and i am still paying full price for my defective service.


So yes you can expect more head aches like me probly.  ive spent hours trying to get this resolved, most of the time is waiting for them to actually respond, no one even seems like they can trouble shoot, and most of the convo's are whats you name, and acount info etc bc they will constantly forward you to someone else bc they its not their department etc.


good luck.  i am still waiting to be contacted about this and for a resolution!!!!  < mods thats for you.  im pretty sure my post will be deleted too.  they have been so far.   

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Re: New Customer Today

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Hello jtee623,


Phone services seems to be one of those hit or miss things for some reason -- either it works perfectly right off the bat or Verizon stumbles a bit before they get it straightened out.    The other commentary aside ... the "in a couple hours" statement actually has some foundation in reality depending on if you were porting your number from another carrier or even from copper to FiOS.  If it's been over 24 hours however, then something obviously isn't right.   It's funny, the one thing the "phone company" seems to have the most difficulty with in FiOS installations is "phone service".  Old processes meets new technology, I guess.


Do you have dial tone?


If not, can you plug a phone directly into the phone jack on the ONT (line 1) and see if you have it there?   If at the ONT but not in the house, then there is a wiring issue you'll need to chase down.  


If no dial tone at the ONT, then it's inside the Verizon cloud.


If you have dial tone and can make calls, can you receive them?  If not, it may be a Verizon issue.  If you ported from another provider (i.e. came from a cable company phone service), then the problem could be either Verizon's or your old provider (not releasing your number for the port).  There are ways to figure out who has the issue, but we can discuss that further if indeed that's the symptom you're having.


In the latter two cases, I would subscribe to the less information is more approach when calling in.   Rather than complicate the whole thing with being a "new" install ... simply tell tech support that your phone isn't working and let them figure it out from there.   If you have no dial tone at the ONT, let them do a truck roll even if they say it will cost you if it's not your problem -- because if there's no dial tone at the ONT, well, then it's not your problem.  Right?







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