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No dial tone on landline

No dial tone on landline

Contributor CountrySunshine
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Just noticed we have no dial tone (only a soft buzzing/static like sound). Checked all phones, and none are off the hook. last incoming call was 4 hours ago and phone worked then. We've had storms for 2 days but its mostly rain and not very windy. Any ideas of what the problem is would be much appreciated!!!


Also verizon has been performing a test  online (I put my number in) for noise or static on calls. It said it would take up to 2 minutes. It's been 45 and the green bar is still loading.

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You should try contacting Verizon directly through one of the options available on this page:


Contributor melessa7
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I have had the same issue since Thursday and it's already Monday.When this happened it wasn't raining or storming. I have called tech support and they do a test and say nothing is wrong then I get put on hold for so long I have to hang up before anything is resolved because I have to use a pay per use cell phone. I went on the this website to find help and I get that yes there is an outage in the area but may not be fixed until Tuesday! This is ridiculous! 

Contributor mac308
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Good Morning....been trying to reply to your post, but my reply will not post. Had the same problem since Sunday, it is now Thursday, and still have no dial tone. 2 days of 4 repairmen...still no phone, no internet. Such a disgrace. Hope your problem has been resolved.
Contributor thesunrises
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same thing here. I just moved and had to change to version because of location. I had phone signals first, yet after I had internet, the phone dies. No dial tone.

And their service is terrible. I tried the online chatting, it is probably the most helpful, yet it has not been resolved after a week.

Contributor hansphil
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sounds like other folks are being given the same excuse: water & rain. we did not have a tornado, no thunderstorms, not any excessive rainfalls or floods in Philadelphia! I have now been without a line for over 48 hours ... that's pretty lousy service in the 21st century.

initially,  I could dial out, then after complaining that I did not receive incoming calls, was advised to unplug everything and then  reset ... well, wouldn't you know, thereafter neither incoming nor outgoing calls worked - just static.

that was really helpful advice!

and now I am told that I'd have to wait another 48 + hours before the problem is fixed. unacceptable!!!!

Contributor pafam5
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I was having the same problem for almost 2 weeks. we have three house phones and when you picked one up it was just static. we called verizon fios and after playing push the button for about a half hour I finally set something up to get someone out here to fix it. the first day they came the man from verizon was very nice and explained everything to me.. he told me that where the phone connection was coming in the house from outside and connecting to the individual lines was most likely the issue, sometimes due to humidity or sometimes just because its old. the connection was behind a huge lockbox so it was not accessible ( verizon did not tell us they were going to need to get to this or i wouldve moved it i figured it had something to do with the phones themselves) and the guy asks me if i would like to cut all the lines and have him redo them, which i said "No" to (seeing how it costs like 300 dollars) so i told him that i would get the lockboxes down. Okay, so yesterday a second guy came out and he went and took a look and did whatever he did ( he never actually explained anything to me, at all) and he said there was one problematic line. i checked the phones and two had dial tones and one did not (which is great since up to yesterday i have not been able to make or take calls on my house phone) i had the option to get the line fixed, but his hourly was 90$ an hour and 45$ every additional half hour he was at my house.  it took forever to get my problem fixed, but it is fixed now. HOWEVER, my biggest issue with verizon fios; THEY ARE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Not only did this guy sit outside of my home for an additional 40 minutes ( they get paid job to job so i guess its understandable, just very obvious) but when I came outside after he left, I noticed there was a big long wire just hanging out of my box, and the box was left unlocked and open. Now any other person would have to go back to work and clean up / fix up their mess but noooo OF COURSE its going to take 48 HOURS. Not happy at all about that!!! my advice to anybody who is having the same issue with static on their line would be to get a verizon fios guy out to your house. being persistent is also a good idea because if you're not, you'll never get your problem fixed.

Also, they say theyre going to to text you a half hour before they arrive, which is total bull. The first guy just showed up and the second guy was there as I got the text.

Contributor Sio99
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Good Luck with that -- Mine has been out since April 12th because I was told by a supervisor they ran out of copper wire.  Cut your losses now and save yourself months of frustrating condescending supervisors saying you must be very upset, I dont blame you but there is nothing we can do yet.  Switch to cable.  I'm buying a magic jack this week.  They cant maintain their lines so Im actively finding other sollutions.

Contributor slgibbons54
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The information her was very usefull.  Since most entries talked about rain and we had just had a storm I went to our outside box with a shamwow and saw that the old bell box was disconnected from the house and open with the wires exposed.  I dried it off, also dried the wires, put the lid back on, pushed it back so it was almost connected to the house and my dial tone is back.

Contributor VZSUX
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Verizon has to be the WORLD'S WORST phone company..  When calling in a ticket for no DIAL TONE, I was told a tech could not come out for another week!?!?!?!  **bleep**!!


Switch out to Cable or Sat ASAP, and let the phone company die a death of  a Million Customers opting out of Vz....




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