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Outage in Virginia

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Outage in Virginia

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Have internet but no dial tone. Everything was working last night when we went to bed.

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Re: Outage in Virginia

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Sorry to hear about the phone service interruption. What you will want to do to clear the line is this. Unplug all phones and other devices you have plugged into phone jacks (fax machines, tivos, home alarm systems, etc). Leave unplugged for 1 minutes then plug the devices in one by one testing the line each time a new phone is plugged in. If it stops working after a new phone is plugged in, there is the problem device.


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Re: Outage in Virginia

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Currently, FiOS internet and VoIP phone working, but TV services not working.  Have reset the router and STBs per instructions, but no luck.  Any word or suggestions to alleviate this problem?

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Re: Outage in Virginia

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Please see this thread.

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