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Contributor meacar
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      The PERS system I had in my house for the last 10 years had been working perfectly well until I switched to FIOS phone system.

Now, when I initiate a call to the central monitoring station (CS), the PERS unit  picks up the line, makes a call to the CS and sends a digital signal.  This digital signal sent goes correctly into the station receiver. SO far so good...


      However, as a follow-up, on the same call, the CS operator needs to Talk/Listen thru the unit, by pressing Touch Tone buttons on their phone equipment at the monitoring center.  All incoming Touch Tone signals sent are completely clamped down by FIOS. Therefore, CS operators can NOT communicate with me. This is extremely dangerous for me , as an old person, staying at home alone.


      On the other hand, if a call is inititated by me manually to the same CS monitoring number (therefore without the PERS system sending any digital data first), then Touch Tone signals sent by the CS operator is perfectly clear and unclamped.


      As a summary, during a regular "Voice Call", FIOS allows all Touch Tone signals to be sent back and forth. However, when it decides that, this is a "Digital Data Call", then it filters all the Touch Tone signals.


       How can this problem be eliminated? Is there a signal that can be sent thru the phone line telling FIOS to go back to "Voice Call Mode"? Or may be hit the "Flash Button" or something?  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Hello meacar


I can understand your concerns, and will send this along to someone who can perhaps direct the right person to post here with a response.

Contributor meacar
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Can you please direct me to a technical person who can may be tell me what to do to go from "Data Mode" to "Personal User Mode" ?


What I need is;

a) Is there a "character string" which must be sent to the FIOS line in order to switch from "Data Mode" back to the "User Mode" ?.


b) Or is there an another procedure that must be followed up in order to accomplish that switching over .


This is a very critical situation and I would like to find a solution to the problem ASAP.

Thank you for your kind and prompt assistances in this matter.



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If you could provide us here in the forum more information about the system? The make and model of the equipment you are using as well as what company you are using.  Verizon FiOS is nothing more than POTs over fiber, it is not VOiP like many customers may think.  I have also contacted you via Private Message if you still need help!


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