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Phone can call out but cannot receive/get incoming calls

Phone can call out but cannot receive/get incoming calls

Location: West Virginia
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I live in WV with my father and our phone is not getting calls being made to us. We can make outgoing calls, but everytime my friend tries to call all she gets is a continuous ring and I never get the call at all-our phone didn't ring when she tried a second or a third time either. I used my cell phone and tried calling our home number and all I got was a continuous ring and there was no ringing at all coming from our home phone-I was in the next room with my cell making the call so that's how I know our phone did not ring at all. We have a dial tone, but when I called my friend there was a great deal of static and buzzing on the line. Can anyone help me out and let me know what's going on with our home phone-I'd appreciate any help or ideas.

Location: West Virginia
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I would just like to report that our phone has been fixed-after I was able to call Verizon to report the problem it was checked and fixed within the time that they said it would be. The only question I have left is how do I let Verizon know that my phone is now working and that I don't need tech support after all?

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I live out in Virginia, we are having the same issue people would try to call, then, but are phone only ringed once, and each time I did that a different phone ring in the house. and now the phone is competely out, if you call the phone you get the voice mail,

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