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Phones not working ?

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Phones not working ?

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phone rings when another person calls our number they hear it ringing we do not and we cannot call out because our phones are dead verizon says lines are fine outside they say something inside our house phones were fine before any ideas

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Re: Phones not working ?

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It might not be a problem with the phones themselves, it could be the inside home wiring somewhere. The way to rule that out is to plug a phone into demarkation point outside your house. This is the point where the main phone line from Verizon ties into your homes internal wiring. There should be a beige or grey colored box that when you open it up has a phone jack. If you get no dialtone out there, then the problem is the signal coming down from Verizon. If you have dialtone there, then you know its a problem with the inside wiring of your home.


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