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RFI issues

Contributor patmcc
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I was told to try contacting you guys from some RF help. I have tried every conceivable path to get this problem fixed but have come up short.

Here is the problem. I am picking up a very strong radio signal in my phone line. I recently switched to Verizon FIOS and ever since only one of 3 lines is picking up a strong radio signal. I do live near a radio tower so that could be the reason but it was never an issue in the past. I had verizon techs out here two times and they were not able to aolve the problem. I contacted the FCC for help and could barely speak english on the phone they were not helpful at all. They kept pushing me off to Verizon.  I have no idea what to do now. I live not far outside NYC. Help!?


I keep getting disconnected from verizon techs , all from india that cannot understand me when I call. I am losing my mind.



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Employee Emeritus
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Well, the issue is inside the house.  The copper wiring somewhere in your house most likely is exposed and got wet and some green stuff grew onto the line.  I would inspect the line to the ONT, I'm assuming that's what the techs did...but no one can find out where the problem is.  The issue is def between the ONT (white box on the side of your house or in the basement) and the phone.  Maybe that can help you?
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Let me get this straight.  You have 3 lines in the house.  Are they different telephone numbers or extensions of the same telephone number?  And on one of those lines you are picking up a radio station?


It started when you were converted to FiOS.



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About 8 years ago I lived on a high floor of an apartment building in downtown Phila., and was picking up a local radio station's signals on my Verizon telephone. I contacted the radio station and the FCC and found out that the radio station or whatever is causing the interference to the phone line is legally responsible to resolve the issue. The radio station sent me two "filters" which are devices you install between your phone jack and your telephone itself (very easy to do) and this completely solved the problem.

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