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Really frustrated - Extended Area Calling

Really frustrated - Extended Area Calling

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We have Verizon Flat rate service, and I am seeing additional charges labelled "Extended Area Calling" for "Area 4" (our # is area code 703), and I have not been able to find out what numbers are being called that are incurring these charges. 


For example, on our last bill, there appear to be two calls to "Area 4", with 2 "Initial Minutes" and 279 "Additional Minutes", under nights and weekends.  I'm assuming that this means that these charges were for 2 calls, which together lasted almost 5 hours?


We only have two people in the house (including myself), so we know pretty much which numbers we call, and we really can't think of any such calls.


I've spoken to Verizon customer service a couple of times, and they say that they can't provide information on which numbers were called, so it seems like we're kind of in a "catch 22" situation, since we don't think we've made 2 calls ANYWHERE that lasted 5 hours, and, Verizon can't tell us the info for the calls that they billed to us.


I also asked if they can block any outgoing calls to extended areas, and they said that they couldn't do that either.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can either get a list of the extended area numbers that we're being billed for, or, somehow prevent all calls to extended areas from our home phone?


This has been going on for awhile now, and I'm close to cancelling our landline to get away from this frustrating problem, but I don't really want to do that.




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An extended calling area is exactly what it states, "an extended calling area" that is, for your local line. Typically a standard local line covers about a 10-15 mile radius around your home, although depending on the LATA zone, (the FCC defined calling areas) that area differs for each customer. An extended area typically permits about another 10 miles on top of the normal calling area, i.e., 25 miles or so.


Any calls made outside that area get billed for local long distance toll charges which are different for every state. (typically 12 cents per minute, but as high as 40 cents per minute MTS rates) If you call verizon billing, they will be able to tell you exactly which towns and phone number prefix's (the first 3 numbers of your telephone number after the area code) are covered in your area and they can put a toll block on your account for all calls that would be billed as long distance if you choose as well.

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Do you have dial up internet?

If you do, check on the access numbers being used and maybe look for local access numbers.

... and by the way, i like turtles
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