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Regional essentials and caller id

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Regional essentials and caller id

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After receiving a mail flyer and web search I ordered a Verizon bundle consisting of Regional Essentials calling plan which includes all regional calling and voice mail and caller id and call waiting and internet access. After a few days still no caller id and call waiting. After multiple hours with Verizon support ( orders, tech, customer support ) I was told that Regional essentials in my area does not include caller id or call waiting but for an additional $10 they can provide caller id. There is no place that I can find that regional essentials is location specific for what it provides. When I ordered the bundle Verizon sales certainly knew my location and still told me that it included all these features. Does this make sense? If someone can tell me where it states that Regional Essentials is location dependent I would be grateful. Brighthouse here I come! 

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Re: Regional essentials and caller id

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To learn more about the calling plans in your area, go to  then click the button for "Check Availability". Put in your address and it will detail the different plans.


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Re: Regional essentials and caller id

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I know this post is old but I recently had DSL deployed to my area and they said I would save $$ if I bundled with phone plan known as "regional essentials." We live in Northeast PA. I know that my caller ID works and know that call-waiting works here since my close neighbor has same plan and he uses it all the time. Me, I don't want it and suspect that the annoying beeping that I hear when I'm on phone is  the call-waiting telling me another call is coming in. Probably a telemarketer. I have no desire to put someone on hold that I'm talking to to see who else is calling. So I'd like to see if I can have this turned off somehow. As for the voicemail I don't know if it works and don't really care since we have an answering machine. Funny thing is if you google "regional essentials" you get taken tautomatically to the FREEDOM ESSENTIALS like it's the only phone plan they offer. ???? I rarely ever use long-distance so why would I want to pay $60 a month plus fees & taxes fust for that?


I will probably have to call customer service to see if they can just turn off the call-waiting. Twice now the beeping has caused disconnection of my call and it's very annoying during a conversation.


Well, hope your problems got ironed out. I myself have had nothing but grief from customer service and have wasted umpteen hours with them. The latest hassle is the website won't let me change my old email address - i.e. the obsolete dial-up one I just dumped soon as we got DSL. Guess they won't be able to email me. And site won't let me remove my cell-phone number. Supposed to be a fix ticket with IT but it's been several weeks and still no fix.


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Re: Regional essentials and caller id

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