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Short chirp for in bound call ring

Short chirp for in bound call ring

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The landline frequently gives a short chirp on inbound calls.  Caller does not hear ring tone.  Usually on long distance calls.  Verizon tech support on first level insists it must be house wiring because I cannot duplicate though outside network box.


Any suggestions?   Seems like the network cannot send enough voltage down the line for a ring signal.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Two things come to mind:

1) IF you have activated Call Forwarding, then incoming calls while the CF is in effect will generate a 'ping-ring' as a reminder that calls are being forwarded.


2) If you have too many devices connected there may not be enough ringing current to properly ring the phones.  Each device connected should have a label that states the "Ringer Equivalence Number" (REN).  Older devices typically had a REN of 1.0; while newer devices with electronic ringers are generally much lower.  Remember- answering machines, modems, FAX, as well as telephones ALL add to the ringer load.  Typically, phone company tariffs stipulate that up to five 'phones' ( or devices) are supported --based on each device having a REN of 1.0.


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