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Strange calls all night long

Strange calls all night long

Contributor ilyaz
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Registered: ‎06-30-2010
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Last night, starting at about 3am and repeating every 30 to 60 minutes, we were getting strange phone calls. Every time the phone rang only once, so our phone's caller ID was nat able to pick up the number, but it was certainly enough to wake us up! At some point I just unplugged the phone to get some sleep. Does anyone know what was happning and how to make sure it does not happen again?


By the way, we've had FIOS for about 1.5 months. Before we had phone + Verizon DSL. I remember that back then my fas machine would sometimes light up saying there is a call coming but the phone did not ring. It happenned quite often but I never took time to investigate this since it did not bother me. Is what we're getitng now something similar?


Thanks much for any help!

Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Do you happen to have an unread voicemail waiting?  Some phones are overly sensitive to the signaling that turns the message waiting light on/off.  There is a setting that Verizon can set in the ATA device that translates the phone line into the digital voice service and make the little "blip ring" stop happening.

Contributor Scrambled
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It is interesting that you live in Rockville because I have been experiencing this for about a month and I also live in Rockville.  It doesn't happen on our cordless phones, it only happens on the one where the handset is attached to the phone.  That one "chirps" about once an hour 24 hours a day but is especially noticable at night.  I have attributed it to some type of "overflow" that activates a partial ring and was thinking this was due to the construction.  But I could be completely off-base.  I have mostly learned to live with it (and drink less coffee).

Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Here is a link to a thread where I posted information a while back. Much helpful information and what can be done about threatening or harassing calls.


Copper Contributor ironman54
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My phone rings twice per day at the exact same time am & pm. Nothing displays on the caller ID either. It rings twice only and quits. When I pick up, nothing but air. This started after all my phones mysteriously went dead and I had to run a wire out to the jack on the service box. A whole lot of people have been experiencing some strange things lately. Maybe its the upgraded and very sensitive wire the phone companies now use ? Any corrosion at a terminal/jack causes problems ? I can't think of any other answer and I've been playing around with phones/electronics since the early 60s'. This is very strange !
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