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Suddenly FIOS digital voice manager is inaccesable

Suddenly FIOS digital voice manager is inaccesable

Contributor aseatanner
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Anybody know what this means:

We are sorry but your User ID does not currently have access to the FiOS Digital Voice Manager.In order to gain access, please sign in at www.verizon.com/myverizon and follow the steps to upgrade your account to Full Access.

    This is the message I get when I try to access the FIOS digital voice manager to check my voicemails via the internet.  The funny thing is that I have no earthly idea what "Full Access" means, and I don't think Verizon knows either.  The chat techs can't help me, and neither can the ones I talk to on the phone. 

Contributor lengle01
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Going through the same thing, the online manager is inaccessible and chat had no clue.

I even had a "ticket" opened that was supposed to be resolved by 7/13 but it has not been.

Contributor IrvEinhorn
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The same thing happened to me.  I was using the service virtually from the day it was initiated and then about 6 weeks ago I got the same message that you received.  I have called technical support many time and spent hours on the phone with them to no avail.  I even wrote to Lowell McAdam, the CEO of Verizon in New York twice.  I initially got a response from his office letting me know that my problem was being escalated.  This was about 2 weeks ago.  Nothing happened and I wrote him again this week.  This time no one bothered to even acknowledge that I sent a letter.  Verizon is now totally unresponsive.  


I believe we are paying for this service in our monthly billing plan and not receiving it.  I wonder how many others are locked out of the FIOSVoice manager.  We should be getting a substantial reduction in our monthly charges due to this failure to resolve this issue.  

Contributor L_Levine
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Same here. I was moving from one location with FiOS to another. Knowing my service would be interrupted briefly, I intended to use the call manager to redirect all calls to my cell (even though I had my cell listed as the number to ring if my service was interrupted, I was going to check this was still the case and just for good measure setup the call forwarding). I was unable to access the call manager, receiving the same message as noted. Calling Verizon, they said it was probably related to my move (the account was 'locked' or some such reason) and would work after the service was restored. Well, that wasn't the case, and still isn't the case at this point, after numerous calls and opening at least two tickets (one was 'closed' because it was declared as being fixed - someone trying to make their metrics looks good?). I reported this on July 19 and have not received a satisfactory reply or restoration of web access.

Copper Contributor Redup1
Copper Contributor
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Same thing here in Northern Va.  I posted the following yesterday, received a response back from VZ saying they would contact me shortly....no response yet.


Unable to access my FIOS DIgital Voice call logs, voice mail or setup via the internet.

I've been unable to access my FIOS Digital Voice Servies via the internet using my internet access or MY FIOS app on my verizon Droid Razr Maxx for several weeks.  I've had a trouble ticket open with Verizon, there promised repair date was 7/25/2013.  I made several call to VZ and they have called me several time, but still not resolved.


I log in to MyVerizon and when I attempt to access Missed Calls or New Voice Mail I received the following error message:  -----We are sorry but your User ID does not currently have access to the FiOS Digital Voice Manager.In order to gain access, please sign in at www.verizon.com/myverizon and follow the steps to upgrade your account to Full Access.


Strange that I need to upgrade to Full Access since I have access to everything else I have, FIOS TV, FIOS DVR, FIOS Internet, Verizon Wireless, just do not have the right access to manage my Digital Phone Servies?????????????


On two occasions verizon technicians have accessed my desktop via remote access to verify.  They see the problem, but do not have a fix.  Techs have been very helpful.  Tech I spoke with this morning believes I do not have full access due to a terms of agreement issue from switching from Verizon.net to Verizon.com.


I've been a loyal verizon customer for years, but it sure makes you wonder when all of these great services are offered, and you pay for them, but Verizon does not deliver............HELP

Contributor stdenney1961
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I have been having the same issue for a couple of weeks, but just got it fixed (thanks to a technician named Aaron, on the phone). In short, I had to create a new Verizon Online username and password. He explained that if you do not log in to the portal for a long time, sometimes the user ID's become disassociated with it, and cannot be reassigned (or something like that). Creating a new username (just as if you were activating FiOS service for the first time) will let you back in. It's working for me now.


A side effect was that your new username will now be your default Verizon.net email ID - however, the system actually remembered my old email ID and preserved it as an alias, so it's still a valid address (no need to notify all of your contacts). All I had to do was go into my email POP client and update the actual login / password. Also suggest using the email portal to go in and set your options so that your "From" address remains as your old familiar alias, not your newly-created one.


I hope this helps.

Copper Contributor Redup1
Copper Contributor
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I've had a ticket open for same problem since 23 July.  I contact Verizon Support via Twitter after it seemed as nothing was happening.  Verizon has been responsive on Twitter, but has taken quite a while and good bit of time to get them to restore my access.  Finally just few minutes ago I can access my Voice Manager.  Have no idea what they did and probably never will.

Contributor ebrill
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has anyone found a solution for the sudden stop of  verizon.com fiosvoice access?

Contributor L_Levine
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Well, after just over a month finally got access again. Had to request the help of the web services group in California, pointing out that many folks have had this issue as posted on the forums. The funny thing is that I've had Verizon, first as a DSL customer, and then as a FIOS customer, for a number of years. When I originally signed up for DSL 10+ years ago, I created an online ID. When I got FIOS several years ago, I had to create a new online ID. Well, when I logged in after waiting the obligatory 48 hours and found my access to the web site worked, I noticed in my profile that my user name has reverted back to my original DSL one as reported in my profile even though I logged in with my 'current' fios ID. That said, I can't necessarily recommend that as a solution, but what the heck, I now have my access restored!


Be sure to ask for the web services group in California, open until 8pm EST. Start at least 2 hours early so you can get to the correct people before they leave for the night.

Contributor ransba22
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I have been trying to get this problem fixed for over 2 months now.  Hours on the phone; numerous chat sessions; dozens of "ticket submissions" and no joy.   Each time they say they have found the issue, but it is of no use.  One of the agents actually told me I should just forget about it and simply dial in to get my voice mail.


Incredibly frustrating

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