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Supposedly 911 called from our house line? State Police arrived...

Supposedly 911 called from our house line? State Police arrived...

Contributor erickwookie1
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State Police came to the door tonight saying there was a 911 hang-up from our house?  We have 1 single landline phone in the basement which we very rarely use.  We did verify with the Police barracks that they really did send someone....never know.....


I called Verizon to see if they could verify the 911 call.  Customer service said Verizon doesn't monitor any outgoing or incoming calls.  He said it would be a violation of privacy! 


Since Verizon doesn't monitor...I can call anywhere I want for free?  What gives?  And I also just remembered that 3 years ago when I was using dialup for the 1st time in a new location...Verizon nailed me for toll calls where I thought it was local.  So how did they know I called and where I called if they don't monitor?


For our cell phones....AT&T tracks every freaking call coming in and going out.  So I guess AT&T has total disregard to our privacy?


Anyways, in this day in age, how can a phone company not know if a call was really made from my house or not?  Whole thing is strange. 

Copper Contributor erickwookie
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Update.....I called Verizon Cust Serv again and this time the CSR heard of this problem b4....she checked my line and said my line was definitely crossed.  This is also the reason why I keep losing my internet connection she informed me.  They are coming out tomorrow and please oh please I hope this is fixed.  The internet is driving me nuts....and I don't want anymore friggin cops coming to my neck of the woods saying we are calling 911!

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By any chance do you have Fios Digital Voice?

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Copper Contributor erica12
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Same thing happened to us a couple of years ago.  Our phone would periodically stop working. (usually in the fall damp months)   We ran some new Cat 5 thinking the existing wire was deteriorating.  That worked for awhile and then it happened again.  Come to find out it was the answering machine that we were using.  Once we disconnected it there were no more problems.

Why the phone dialed 911, of all numbers, was odd.  A cop showed up at our door.  My husband just happened to have a butcher knife in his hand when he answered the door.  The cop started to draw for his gun and told my husband to put the knife down.  The cop verified that everything was ok within the house and then explained they always follow up on a 911 hang-up.  For a few minutes it was kind of hairy........now it is a funny story that we have.

Copper Contributor erickwookie
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Frank, nope no FIOS.  Just the basic, cheapest no frills landline. 


Erica, too funny about the knife......

Copper Contributor erickwookie
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Hopefully this is resolved.....


Verizon did show when they were expected (I'm sure most people on here won't believe that!).  When the guy came out on Tuesday, he found that the line was shorted outside.  He said he needed to get another worker out here to run a new line.  Wasn't sure when he would be back. 


Well he showed up the next day (today) with help and they replaced about 250 feet of line.  As far as I know everything is fixed now.  I won't really know for sure until I am not disconnected from DSL for a few days...


I wish I would have called Verizon weeks ago when I 1st started having trouble with the DSL, but after browsing the forums I wanted to try everythung I could on my own b4 calling India!  I dread talking on the phone to India.  Also, it wasn't until the fake 911 call that I was sure it wasn't something I was doing on my end.


Turns out I called Verizon 3 times the past week and unless they have me totally fooled, I am sure I was still in the USA!  I have to deal with India at work so believe me I'd know!



Contributor hockeyplayer
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same thing happened to us about 4 days ago. We got a call from 911 saying we called them and hung up. What is up with this, I don't have digital voice.
Copper Contributor erickwookie
Copper Contributor
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I don't have digital voice either, just the basic cheapest landline we could get.  When I called Verizon and said there is no way that we called 911... wasn't on the call history of the phone so I knew my 6 yr old didn't do it...she did some kind of line test and saw that my line was crossed?


The guy that replaced the cable outside said there were shorts all over the line.


So far so good.



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