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Switching to Vonage and keeping Verizon for DSL: Is there a catch?

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Switching to Vonage and keeping Verizon for DSL: Is there a catch?

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Hello Everyone,


Currently, I am paying about $73 inclusive of taxes to Verizon for telephone service ($43 for Double Freedom, $14 for Voice Additional services--$2.75 for non-published, $4 for VLD International Choice plan, $2 for VLD domestic calls----$5.61 for VLD International calls) and about $16 toward taxes, fees and other charges). $32 for high speed DSL Internet is additional.  Vonage is offering a similar (or they claim better) telephone service for $32  inclusive of taxes (with unlimited domestic calling, free calling to some Western European countries, plus voice mail and first month's free service).  They are also promising to keep the same phone number and claim to offer all the other phone services that Verizon is offering in the package.  DSL is, of course, not included, but they say  that I could keep Verizon DSL if I choose to.  It seems that by using Vonage just for the telephone service, there is a savings of approx $40--even if one keeps Verizon for DSL. 


Is there a catch to this?  I am curious about the Even experiences of others who have made similar switch before making a decision myself.


I tried calling Verizon customer service, but did not have any luck in getting an answer from a live person.



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Re: Switching to Vonage and keeping Verizon for DSL: Is there a catch?

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       THINK LONG AND HARD BEFORE YOU MAKE A DECISION because it may take you two entire weeks to buy into Verizon again.

I was extremely "greedy" this past February and was taken in by a lovely young Vonage rep, who promised me the world - much like you write someone did to you.

       On the morning the service took effect, it rang only one of my telephones - naturally the one **bleep**hest away.  When I called to complain, I was told that I should have asked about some kind of compatibility and it would only cost me X amount of dollars to have their person work on the problem at the outdoor box.  THAT WAS IT FOR ME!!

       By the time I reached someone at Verizon, because of being put on hold, I was told I exceeded the timeframe (only about one hour) to immediately restore my Verizon service.  I HAD TO OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT AND WAIT TWO WEEKS FOR THE CONNECTION.  Ergo, I was incommuicato for two weeks, during a time that my mother was most ill.  Thank heaven for cell phones, but it was an horrendous inconvenience. 

       I don't normally give advice like this.  However, my entire situation with Vonage (including installing then sending back their equipment, where you pay the postage) was a travesty.  I thought I was doing something positive for our family budget and ended up spending much more money for telephone service in February and March than I ever thought possible.

        When I've told others about out situation, most have had similar experiences.  You must go with your head and your pocketbook and this just one "sucker's" take on the Vongage "opportunity"!!



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Re: Switching to Vonage and keeping Verizon for DSL: Is there a catch?

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You will save a lot of money with vonage and the service is great, I used vonage for over 3 years with verizon dsl an had no problems at all.

Get your vonage all setup and then cancel verizon phone, but you don't even have to do that , just go ahead and get vonage, it is good.

Unfortunately , I moved and I now live in an area where I can't get any type of broadband, dsl or anything of the liking.. I can only get satellite

television and internet, but the internet is expensive so i have to wait for that. I have to use dial up for now, but i still have to check into verizon dial up

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Re: Switching to Vonage and keeping Verizon for DSL: Is there a catch?

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Also Verizon charges about $10 more a month for DSL service when you do not have phone service.
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