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Terrible Customer Service on Land Line/DSL outage

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Re: Terrible Customer Service on Land Line/DSL outage

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Same thing happened here on Saturday 6/13- a storm caused an outage of phone & DSL service to which several associates claimed was "just our line",  or "a cluster problem", and couldnt send service tech out for 3 days- so we relied on our iPhone AT&T service to get us thru what turned into a week without service- no fax, no phone, no DSL. On Thurs 6/18 they said "stay home between 8am- 7pm and a tech will come out". We spent my daughters birthday waiting for a guy who didnt show. They call at 6:30 pm and say- "sorry we couldnt get to you- can we come tomorrow". We spend all of Fri waiting for nobody to show. I cancelled all my appointments, work etc we cant fax or email from our business computer....... 6pm rolls around and finally up the street comes a tech- he says sorry I couldnt find your house and the phone number dispatch gave me was the one thats not working. BRILLIANT. He says I work in the contracting dept for verizon and cant fix it- they need to flip a switch at headquarters and reassign the line- it takes about 5 minutes. My verizon cell phones never got reception at my house becasue theyre too cheap to use the tower 2 doors away at the firehouse / they nag me night and day with wasted paper mailings and phone sales about buying FIOS- fat chance! They even promised my bill would be pro rated to remove the week we were out of service. Didnt happen. I read in MacWorld where Apple doesnt want to open the iPhone to verizon service plans- I think I can guess why.  Moral of the story why pay verizon 92.00 to get the run around when you can pay 82.00 to AT&T and get full reception, reliable service, and portable internet access?  Its a No Brainer. We're moving soon and will be buyng utilities for the new home. We'll be seeking out a company who can stand behind their product as reliably as we pay our bill.
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