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Tour of a CO?

Contributor jmusbach
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Registered: ‎01-11-2011
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I know this is a weird question but... I appear to have a Verizon CO just up the street from me:




I've always wondered what these are like inside, what it takes to run today's infra, etc. As a true techie, I was wondering... Is there any chance someone at Verizon would be willing to give me a tour of this CO? I'm fine with signing a NDA.


This CO is in Somers Point, NJ.


I realize that getting a tour is probably a long shot, but just figured I'd ask. Would be neat to meet another techie in South Jersey. Smiley Happy

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Years ago, different time, different place, I just went up and rang the bell.  Talked my way in.


Contributor jmusbach
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Registered: ‎01-11-2011
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Hah. Yeah I walked around the back of the building, where Verizon employees seem to park and tried knocking on the entrance door. No one answered. Smiley Sad However, there was no bell to be found that I could see. Only a steel door and key card pad. Was thinking that perhaps a mod here would have an idea as to whether this could be escalated somewhere.

Contributor daven
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You will probably be somewhat disappointed if you do get in. Those buildings were all built in the era of electromechanical switching equipment and that stuff took up space and required a staff.. With electronics and miniaturization those buldings seem relatively empty now and have very few onsite people. Still a nice place to tour. (I am a former CO tech and manager)

Contributor jmusbach
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎01-11-2011
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Interesting. Have any connections to someone with access by chance? Smiley Happy

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