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Transaction Clearing - Miscellaneous charges: InfoBilling Setup Fee ??

Transaction Clearing - Miscellaneous charges: InfoBilling Setup Fee ??

Contributor Liz
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 What is  "Transaction Clearing?


I got my bill today with a new charge of $8.43.  I have no idea what it is   nor has the two hours on-line resolved the question.


In December I signed up  to try the Freedom (hehe).... it was a promotion of about $40.00 per month. After 5 months I canceled because every month (after an hour or more on the phone) I was promised the bill would get straighted up.  But every month it kept showing a charge of 60+ per month, plus the balance of the previous month (though I paid the correct amount every single month)  I finally had to just give up because things like this drive me nuts.  I like to pay my bills on time and I like the person or company at the other end to do there part in keeping it straight.  Verizon can't seam to do this. (For the record neither can Charter communications - THEY can not send you a bill or invoice IF you pay two months in advance....!!!!).  I also did not like having No control over the voice mail.


Anyway enough venting about that stuff - someone please just tell me what in the world the charge for Transaction Clearing "infobilling set up fee" in the amount of $8.43 is for?

 -While I am here, Does anyone know why I couldn't just type that into the search field an the verizon web and have some kind of explanation come up?

Copper Contributor GSnicker
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I believe the reason you can't find that online is because it doesn't sound like it's a Verizon charge, but rather a "cramming" charge. Cramming is when other providers bill you on your Verizon bill. Since Verizon is a billing agent they are required by law to put charges sent through by other providers unless you have a free Bill Block on your line to prevent this. This type of charge should have a telephone number above or near the charges on your bill to contact this provider and dispute those charges and get a credit if they don't have proof you signed up for this. You get these types of charges by entering your name for free drawings for cruises, etc., especially at fairs, etc., and the small type on the back says by filling out this card you are signing up for this service. Many times these are just illegal charges billed to you and just threaten that provider with "cramming" and they will send through a credit to your Verizon bill. I got my long distance carrier changes this way years ago.
Contributor Liz
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Thanks for the information, Hopefully you are correct.  I will call them (both) tomorrow and find out for sure.   I haven't filled out any thing that I can think o of that would have caused this bill, but who knows.


I can not find (on line) where to get the free Bill Block you spoke of, Guess I will ask about that tomorrow too.


Pretty weird anyone would just Bill you - 

  As I would think that was pretty illegal.   Weirder yet 'that Verizon would allow it...

      Betcha if it keeps up and folks pay attention to their phone bills there will be  much-a-do......

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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A simple Google search for "infobilling set up fee" produced this site:



Please note how you may have inadvertently 'signed up' for this ("... Thank you for ordering your voice messaging and unlimited long distance Services while visiting one of our on-line advertisements ...")



Always be careful where you surf ......





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