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Trying to Activate VoiceMail service

Trying to Activate VoiceMail service

Contributor Sit10
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Registered: ‎10-26-2013
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My current bundle includes Voicemail (not Fios) which has never been activated. I would like to activate my voice mail. I have received instructions from http://www.verizon.com/cs/groups/public/documents/adacct/ug-vn-hvm-e_11-11_update-v2.pdf which are not working.

When I dial my voicemail access number
The recorded greeting says
"if you want to leave a message...redial the number...
If you have a mailbox, press the pound key"
 -- press pound key
 Message responds "please dial your mailbox number"
- if I enter my voice mail access number "that is not a valid mailbox"
- if I enter my home number, "that is not a valid mailbox"
- if I enter last 4 digits (starter password), I am brought back to the welcome message

Please identify the error I am making and help me get to the activation menu. I have been unsuccessful working with the Chat agents and was unable to open a ticket (page kept losing focus and refreshing. I hope that Support monitors these forums as well).

At 6:50pm on 10/26/13, I used the online password reset feature to reset my VM password. A confirmation message told me that this reset was successful and displayed the new voice mail number. This number is also not recognized when I call the access number.


Any other approach... is greatly appreciated.

RJS Clinton, MA

Contributor forestry1
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Registered: ‎11-24-2013
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I am having the same problem.  Was this issue resolved? thanks

Contributor jjf0806
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Registered: ‎02-15-2014
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Well you are further along than me, I can't even get to the greeting.  I enter the 999-999-9999 number to get started and I get a fax ring tone, that rings and rings, then drops the call.

Contributor jjf0806
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Registered: ‎02-15-2014
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Finally got a person!! The problem was with the phone line, it was repaired by Verizon and now my voicemail box is set up and working.  However all calls go straight to voicemail, anyone know how to change that so I can answer the call if home???

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