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UPDATE - Disabled Senior w/Disabled Phone

UPDATE - Disabled Senior w/Disabled Phone

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Have been without phone service since Saturday. Right now it's 9AM NY time (Tuesday) and Verizon serviceman is outside my home checking my Verizon phone wiring. So far I know the problem of  no phone service has NOTHING to do with the lines inside my house, contrary to what the gal told me on the phone the other day. 


What I learned was this:  though very frustrating to not have phone service, it was the original Verizon rep that 'got me going'. Like she was more interested in telling me an inside line problem would cost me $ to repair it. Then she couldn't give me a repair appointment for 7 days, on Thursday. Then yesterday I find out it's a Friday repair appointment. THEN I got 4 phone calls from "Verizon survey" as shown on my phone.  Hey people, phone's not working!


The Verizon repairman outside is professional and courteous, and seems to know what he's doing. Maybe they should put this man, Don, in the office to talk to people who have a service problem. Am sure my phone service will be working by the time he leaves. THANK YOU, repairman Don! (Hope I'm not writing this pre-maturely.) ... Don't think I'll be switching Internet service providers at this point.

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Don the Verizon serviceman repaired my landline phone service (but not before knocking out my Internet service). YEA and thank you to Don. Service down for (only) 3-1/2 days. Here's what I learned from this experience:


1) Verizon needs to re-train their inside service reps.

2) Verizon needs to change their in-house answering system--too many buttons to push to get to the right person.

3) "Personalize" it when a customer calls (though I'm nothing to them except $ and a number).

4) WHY did tape recording ask for my phone # and then 2 more service reps asked for it again?

5) Glad I don't put all my eggs in one basket. Cablevision provides my TV @ $18/month. Bundling doesn't save much.

6) Lower your rates. Learned I don't need a landline phone for Internet and other providers are less expensive.

7) Learned how much I rely on my phone.

😎 WHY did Verizon phone me no less than 8 times when my service wasn't operable? Nutsy!


Situation was a fiasco and quite frustrating. My service is back to what it should be and I'm once again content. But something like this should not have happened to begin with.


PS -- still looking for "My Profile" like a Verizon admin suggested on this forum! Oh so difficult for me to navigate.


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