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Unknown calls on my bill

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Unknown calls on my bill

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For months I have been seeing numerous calls from my home phone # to a number in Annapolis MD. No one in my home is making these calls - most are during the day when no one is home and many were placed while we were recently on vacation.  Since I have unlimited calling, I don't get charged for these but still find them worrisome.  Looking at my bill, I see that the calls I did place say "FiOS Voice Unlimited Plan" next to them but these mystery calls do not.


 I put in a ticket with Verizon to find out what the deal is but never heard back.  Anyone have any ideas of what may be going on?

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Re: Unknown calls on my bill

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Call Verizon again and ask for an update.

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Re: Unknown calls on my bill

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Any thing such as an Alarm system hooked up at you home.  Such things make calls periodically.

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Re: Unknown calls on my bill

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Interesting, I have the exact same issue. The number showing up on my bill is {edited for privacy}, which seems to go straight to voicemail (so that would seem to precludes any meter reading or other automated system, unless it's misconfigured). I noticed it yesterday, and called Verizon today...they said they'd investigate, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Re: Unknown calls on my bill

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I am also having a similar problem with a 347 787 line in Brooklyn, NY.  This has been happening for the past year 30-40 times a month when I checked my bills.  Wow.


Anyway I checked the number out on the internet  - the line is managed by Verizon NY.  Which I thought was more than coincidental  


The Tech agent was very nice but had no idea why and 'escalated' the problem.  I am supposed to be getting a call in 24-48 hrs.  I will try to report back if i find out why this is happening.

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Re: Unknown calls on my bill

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Any updates on this from customers? Or any further conclusions reached by Verizon. I am also experiencing the same issue from a number in Fredricksburg, VA. Very odd. Around 30-40 calls per bill, and when I call the number from my office I am directed straight to a voicemail.

This has to be a common enough problem for Verizon to be able to fill us in.

Please provide updates if any.


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Re: Unknown calls on my bill

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Obviously this problem is still going on - we have been having this problem. I rarely check my bill, but with each increase I pull it and I know we called last time and now another price increase and the same problem. 66 calls on our last bill! I can count on one hand the number of times I've used the phone! The kids use their cell phones. My husband never calls anyone.... 


Most are to a single voicemail in our areacode. The others are to our own number at the same time as this mysterious number. But threre are some odd calls to numbers in cities we never call - 1-2 hour long phone calls! Good grief! and a bunch of 800 numbers. Verizon will have some explaining to do....

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