Unwanted Phone Calls on Landline

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Unwanted Phone Calls on Landline

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LandLine - receiving calls from {edited for privacy} several times a day and at night - with no response to "hello"! Must be some type of telemarketing.   A call back to that number results in getting an answering machine.   I have requested a block on calls (several times)  from telemarketers  but this one is getting through.  How to I stop these calls?

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Re: Unwanted Phone Calls on Landline

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Hello conmar,

Sorry for the trouble with the calls. I sent you a private message.


Shamika_Vz Verizon Support

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Re: Unwanted Phone Calls on Landline

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Often times if you Google the telephone number and it belongs to a company, you can generally ask the company who is calling you to stop calling you. Unless they're one of those scammy/fly by night companies who has shady practices, they should have no issue resolving the issue with their call system. It's happened to a relative of mine who actually had to have their Telephone company (Frontier) trace some incoming calls to them to find out what exactly was calling since a company's phone system would hang up the moment they answered the phone. They got that resolved calmly by simply calling the company after Frontier gave them the contact information to the company.

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Re: Unwanted Phone Calls on Landline

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I have the same problem.  The phone number is 701-661-1061. 


Could you tell me how to stop calls from this number?


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Re: Unwanted Phone Calls on Landline

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this is a call center, probably from a company wanting to 'reduce your interest rate on your credit card'......HA HA HA


this is a scam. don't answer, don't respond. Registering your phone with DoNotCall registry has no effect on these pirates!

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Re: Unwanted Phone Calls on Landline

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We have a big problem with this as well...unwanted calls and messages to our landline. We are Verizon FIOS (bundled) customers. When we first got the number, we immediately registered it on the "Do Not Call" list, but that hasn't seemed to help in this case.


A call to 1.8XX Verizon today did not resolve the issue. We would like to avoid changing our phone number or canceling home phone service if there is another option. I was told we could change some settings online, but I am not finding anything like that on this site.


We have the quadruple whammy:


1) Previous person with our phone number had credit issues so creditors call very frequently

2) Previous person was a Spanish speaker so it is hard to communicate with callers

3) Telemarketers dial us up to 20 times a day from all different prefixes and numbers...some 866s, some 877s, some legitimate area codes; they usually hang up

4) Lots of wrong numbers.


If there is a Verizon representative out there listening, we could sure use some help.



Kim & Jessica

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Re: Unwanted Phone Calls on Landline

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Since this is a relatively new number for you, and given the dozens of calls per day, I'd highly suggest asking for a new telephone number.

Let Verizon know you're receiving an extraordinary number of solicitation and collection calls, to avoid any fees.  They may want you to use call trace a few times, or they'll just allow the change right away.


Good luck!

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