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Unwanted calls with 'not available' phone id

Unwanted calls with 'not available' phone id

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I have been getting calls from a phone showing not available / not available on my caller id as well as on Verizon Call Assistant. Since I don't have a number how can I block this number. I have had six calls in the past hour; when I answer there is no reply. Help!

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sounds like telemarketers. Since it is a "not available" that means that they are likely blocking there caller ID (although it could mean that the call id info just didnt come across)


What I would do is..  1st get your number on the do not call list.  Now this will not help you right this minute but it should take affect in 60-90 days and that should prevent telemarketers from calling. 2nd I would get ACR (Anonymous call rejection) added to your account if you dont have it already. This will put up a message telling anyone that calls that does not display their number that you do not accept calls from private numbers. This may help with the short term.


Beyond that there is not much you can do. If it becomes too bad you may want to call the police, once you have a police report (for harassment) then Verizon can start tracing the number. But shy of getting law enforcement involved the ACR is about all you can do.


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Thanks for the ideas. I do not have acr but will.

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Anonymous call rejection is not much help at all. I still get unwanted calls, repeatedly. All say "unavailable" in the name section of the caller ID screen. Many numbers are also blocked. If a number shows you can look it up on the internet. Look up 'Reverse lookup" to get company & report it to the "Do not call" DNC has not been much help so far, but I will keep trying. Business callers have deep pockets in congress, they will bribe, lobby & otherwise influence congress.

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Ok. Now tell me how to get this ACR.

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I have used the suggestions, i.e., "Do Not Call List", "ACB" and still I get the calls. Lately I'm getting calls from the following:

1EF4-F-16-19C1  with not available showing on my phone and don't have any idea how to block it. Can anyone help?

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I too have blocked a certain persons phone number using the Incoming Call Block feature and the calls stopped for a few days but have begun right back up again.  How is it she is still able to call my house when I have this feature turned on that tells me she cannot?


I have Anonymous Call Block too and the bill collectors are still able to call my house every single day of the week.  They aren't telemarkerters knocking in my door for business but debt collectors wanting payment and naturally I don't want to talk to them. 


This is total harrassment and the features I have access to to try and prevent this aren't worth anything and doing nothing to stop the people that call that I don't want to call.



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And who ever marked this thread as "solved" isn't paying attention. 

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I'm having the same issue with Incoming Call Block.

I blocked the "800" number 3 days ago but have gotten 9 more calls since.

How long does it take to block a number on the list ?

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