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Upgrade to Verizon One Phone?

Upgrade to Verizon One Phone?

Contributor ireed110
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I've owned and been happy with the all-in-one Verizon One Phone for a few years now, but the display on the handset is now illegible and I'd like to get a replacement. I can no longer find any refererence to this phone on the Verizon web site - and it's always been hard to find. I found a press release re a new version called the Verizon Hub, but cannot find anything else for that phone, either. So my question is threefold -

1. Can I get a repair for my old phone, or buy a new handset?

2. If not, can I buy one of the new Verizon Hub phones, and where can I find out more about it?

3. Why is such a great product not easier to find out about?



Contributor Jennifer
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Try this repair link, ireed110.  I've used it before in the past and it works pretty well.




I'm not sure about the Verizon Hub.  Good luck.



Contributor ireed110
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THank you for posting that link. Unfortunately, "Verizon does not provide for the repair or replacement of telephones and related equipment."


Is there a Verizon representative on this forum that can provide assistance? 



Moderator Emeritus Moderator Emeritus
Moderator Emeritus
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ireed110 wrote:

Is there a Verizon representative on this forum that can provide assistance? 





While a Verizon employee may occasionally post here, this community is meant mainly for peer-to-peer support. If you need to talk to a Verizon representative, you should contact customer service directly. 

Copper Contributor rpjoe
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there has not been any new info on the Fios Hub in over a year.
Copper Contributor GSnicker
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The Verizon Hub phone was supposed to launch in February but has been delayed and no new information on it. Most equipment only has a one-year warranty, but for information on your current phone for repair you can contact Customer Service or your nearest Verizon Plus store, who handles all equipment now.
Contributor Amy
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Just wanted to chime in that I've been asking all of the same questions myself without receiving any satisfactory answers. I'm very disappointed in Verizon's handling of this--they finally present a product that people like to use and then do not support or sustain it! 
Contributor Jennifer
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I did manage to find a link to some Verizon One information.  Took some digging to find.




Hope this helps.

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Contributor nanna1751
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I have the Verizon One phone and I love it!  But, I don't think the Hub is going to be available any time soon.  I've been on a "mailing list" FOREVER!  I've checked the websites continually and find no mention of it.....if you hear anything, please let us knowSmiley Happy
Contributor SonicSculptor
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I've owned this unit for over three years now and here is what I know...  1> This model has been discontinued, i attempted to purchase additional handsets about 22 months ago to no avail.(phone supports 4 handsets)  2>Verizon retail stores are just about the only folks who might have any info, as Verizon stopped training on this product some 4 years ago.  When i purchased my unit, I called a phone number on the verizon website, which then transferred me to a Verizon retail store a few hundred miles away, i was billed on my regular telephone bill.  Repairs would definitely be handled there.  Contact me if you want my handset for parts {edited for privacy} ,  you can have it for shipping -- not sure why i haven't thrown it away.


  3>I have not been able to sign into my Verizon-One online account for nearly 2+years.  I've made dozens of calls, and countless hours over the years(2+hours today), and no-one at Verizon can even begin to even connect me to the appropriate dept, let alone fix my problem.  I'm serious,  I've been VERY aggressive w/Verizon and they cannot get me help.  I do not let them transfer me, or give me a number to call, I make them call and keep me on the line until they find the person/dept that can fix my Verizon-One log-in.  They think, maybe,  They simply no longer support the service, however, the data service that gives weather, stocks, and such has always worked well(though 'unavailable 20% of the time)  and firmware comes along regularly.  The loss of access of online feature, removes many(all) personalization features(photo uploads).   4>I paid $300 for it and shortly after receiving it, Verizon disabled my DSL service, and dropped all my phone features and gave me only very local access, when i contacted them they said it was because when i purchased the phone(verizon-one) + my monthly phone billx2 for new service (>$200)was over $500 Total, they're 'system' automatically disabled my services and scheduled me for disconnection for such a 'large bill', even though no amount was delinquent  Go figure.  It took over a week to get all of services back, oh and I lost my e-mail account, they said it couldn't be saved.  So be careful making large purchases on your phone bill.  5>manufactured by Westell   6>router address  to access internal router features, sign in with Verizon DSL log-in 7>FYI most Verizon customer service(especially DSL) is always sent overseas(outsourced) after regular business hours to India.  Daytime gets English speaking Americans with good training, they are very good(typically).  Maybe it's just the communication barrier?  They do better than I would, if the roles were reversed! Last night, my overseas customer service rep (Leroy from India, what are the odds...I could certainly find more trust if I knew their 'real name') clearly asked me to wait so he could phonetically translate the password he was about to give me.  Though his service and dedication were just, it's like communicating with Morse Code.  Oh, and suprisingly,Verizon DSL support is one dept in which you Cannot E-mail, ????? Or Chat???


When I found info that spoke of "how to upload photos from your cell phone" that showed how to 'register' and 'authenticate' your phone for photo upload via cell, i thought maybe i found poor replacement for the Verizon_One online service.  When i 'emailed' a pic it didn't show & my screensaver swithed to this web link -  www36.verizon.com/verizon-one/VZOneLogin - and instructed to use it for photo uploads.   This is where i cannot log-in -- so we start the circle again.....


This is cool product.  But, mine is probably the worst cordless phone i've ever used and quite working some time ago.  A $10 phone has/had better range.  The 'DSL info service' is regularly 'unavailable' and rendered useless, at leat 10% of the time i attempt to use it, even though my internet service is functioning perfectly.  Stylus feature works great.  Speakerphone is top notch. Info and features avaiable online are sweet(when available).  Wired/wireless router performs well/as expected.  Firmware upgrades(automatic) has improved features over the years.  May features once online have benn moved to the actual unit internally.  Verizon support is non-existant for this product, with the exception of the router feature, you can get great DSL router/wireless support service there, they will get you online.  You will not likely be able to log-in at  www36.verizon.com/verizon-one/VZOneLogin which is your primary portal for many/all of the cool customization options(photo uploads for backgrouds, screensavers, and slideshows.  As well as linking Caller ID#'s to photos.(cool, if it still worked).  These features were accessable for about the first year or so i owned this unit.  Then nothing, and Verizon can't/won't explain it.


If someone else out there can log-in to a Verizon-One account here(or anywhere)  www36.verizon.com/verizon-one/VZOneLogin


PLEASE let me know.  or any advice at all.


I can't log-in here, even after going through the 'lost password/ID' link and confirming/reseting ID/password  !!!(


I wish i could find another product like this that has is not service provider proprietary???   Anyone out there in sales???  I read a post somewhere this unit is a Westell Media Center w/  Verizon stamped and firmware.   Could we change this firmware??   Anyone?



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